The UnBurdenYourSoul Project

Today I want to introduce you to the UnburdenYourSoul Project that my dear friend Annette is working on right now. In life, situations happen to us ALL the time. I can see you nodding your head yes. Some are minor occurrences like forgetting an item in our shopping cart and noticing it when we unload our bags into the car. Pausing to look up at He who sees all. Other happenings can stay with us for a week, like the argument you had with your favorite person in the world over feeling unheard. On occasion though, we might experience a situation that stays with us for a lifetime. It might mold us and cause us to react to later events without us even being aware of it. The situation might burrow itself deep into the darkest corners of our soul forever changing who we are AND who we will become. The UnburdenYourSoul Project is my friend’s effort to take you down the liberating path that she is now on. Well, I’ll let Annette fill you in. Read on to read Annette’s message on her UnBurdenYourSoul Project. Continue reading The UnBurdenYourSoul Project

The Gratitude Journal Challenge

Do you have a journal? Have you ever taken a gratitude journal challenge? What is it you ask? You take a journal and write down what you’re grateful for. Maybe it’s not a challenge for you though. I used to write in my gratitude journal on a daily basis for years …many moons ago. Then one day I stopped. I think it was because I was seeing such great results from writing in the gratitude journal. Then I found myself in a weird place this past fall, postpartum. I wondered what I could do to get back my happy spirit. Then I remembered during a conversation with a friend, that I would write in my gratitude journal to focus myself on all the amazing things that was happening in my life. Read on to learn more about the gratitude journal challenge.

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I love watching my husband get ready! #Target #Trydry

I was excited when Influencer sent us the Dove Dry Spray deodorant to try in exchange for an honest review and to participate in the #Target #TryDry experience. It gave me an excuse to watch him get ready. I love watching my husband getting ready in the morning. Well pretty much any time of the day. In truth Daniel hates it so I have to do it in secret. If he sees me, he gets annoyed and tells me I am weird. He did give me a little fuss but in the name of research and free products, he gave up his fight. This is the second full week of us using Dove’s Dry Spray deodorant and today we’ll be sharing our thoughts. Read on to see why we were hesitant to #Trydry spray deodorant. Continue reading I love watching my husband get ready! #Target #Trydry

Our His and Hers VoxBox features spray deodorant!

We’re starting the new year off feeling fresh and clean with our #TryDrySpray VoxBox thanks to Influenster and Target! I was excited when I got the voxbox in the mail. It meant a complimentary product had arrived for me to review! I’d seen numerous commercials on dry spray deodorant but my current stockpile has pushed my deodorant buying days later on into the year. I wasn’t sure what might be in it exactly so I opened the box when I got into the car. I couldn’t wait until I got home to see what goody came to review. The following Youtube video is the grand unveiling of the #Target #TryDry Spray VoxBox. Read on to view it and reveal its contents! Continue reading Our His and Hers VoxBox features spray deodorant!

See you at the Black Wall Street Holiday Extravaganza

I am excited to announce you have another opportunity to find unique gifts this holiday season. So grab your holiday list and be ready to cross some, if not all, of those names!

The event:

The Holiday Edition of Black Wall Street Bridgeport


Sunday, December 20th from 5 to 8 p.m.


The Bridgeport Public Library, located at 925 Broad Street in downtown Bridgeport, CT.

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SO Fab U On the Road Atlanta!

You’re not going to believe this but after over 5+ years of blogging, I have yet to go to a blogging event. I came pretty close to going to one but then it sold out. I was talking to my friend Joyce over at about blogging events in general and she told me all about the So Fab U On the Road Atlanta event coming up in September. Read on for more details. Continue reading SO Fab U On the Road Atlanta!