happy new years :)

happy new year 2010

Happy New Year’s! 2010 is finally here and I’ve managed to escape from my nieces and nephew for a few to write this.  I worked last on the the 23rd and do not have to return until the 4th and silly me volunteered herself to watch her niece and nephew.  While I love them dearly, i feel mentally and physically exhausted.  I give props to all the full time parents out there who take care of their children all day.  Its only been six-ish days and I feel like I’ve lost my mind and wish I would have gone on vacation with my friend to New Orleans.  I take this week as a valued lesson that children don’t like to be told what to do anymore than adults do and to keep your sanity compromise is a MUST.  I feel like I’m practicing law with all the negotiations I’ve done this week.  I’m laughing as I write this, because I’m usually the first to say I’d never let my kids get away with half the stuff i see other parents do, and I quickly changed my thoughts on that.  Sunday I’ll be able to sit down and write down some of my new year’s resolutions, as they do not leave until Saturday…I think I hear them coming…until tomorrow!  In the meantime, let me know some of your strategies with dealing with children and keeping your sanity!  I need a nap!

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