Random Thoughts

To Procrastinate Or NOT To Procrastinate…that is the question

I am doing awesome on my New Year’s Resolutions…although I only got to the first three on my list as I’ve put off finishing it. Procrastination is my number 4 for this year and this is something I work on every year and always manage to procrastinate working on it. LOL

You’d be proud to know that I entered Target last night to buy a heater, pick up some Gatorade and a few things for my mom, AND I DID NOT BUY ANYTHING EXTRA!!! YAY ME!!  Well, I take that back, I picked up some ornament hangers that were on clearance, but I only paid 60 cents for them, a count of 150 no less.  Always buy decorations and such on the off season! You can save SO MUCH money by doing that, it’ll scare you! The day after Christmas is when you should stock up on next year’s wrapping paper and gift bags.  The fall is when you should buy a really nice charcoal/gas grill or air conditioner for next summer.  I think you get my point.

Its day 5 and I’ve done well so far but i need you to pray for me!  I am helping one of my best friends look for shoes for the bridal party for her wedding in May.  I went online today to look at some potential shoes, and there were sooooooooooo many nice ones I wanted.  It was very painful to not click on them and put them in the cart, punch in my credit card number and have them the next day.  I am strong willed but the voices are loud.

I have yet to go to the gym to work on my healthy weight, remember I suffer from procrastination, although I will get on that starting Monday!  What exercises do you do, aside from the gym, that gets you motivated to work out the next day?  Let me know please!

I’ve done a great job with spending time with myself and speaking of that I plan on doing it right now.  Redbox has free coupon codes the first Monday of every month, and yesterday I got codes from my cell and my boyfriend’s.  I have The Other Man and Hangover waiting for me and I will join them now.

Before I say good bye I’d like to share a site with you for shoes, in case you are not a shopaholic or know someone looking for shoes for a wedding or special occasion.  There are other things on this site as well. Check it out its… As I write my blogs more sites will come to mind that will save you money and still support a shopping habit. You can find these sites in the left panel labeled DJrel Finds.  Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, be safe!