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Day 14, I’d like to say I’m happy to see you, as you are three days past the half way mark of my first 21 days towards my goal of spending less money this year. I realize with each passing day that I am stronger than I give myself credit for.  As Lit said, I am ‘My Own Worst Enemy’!  How are you doing with your first goal for the new year?  Did you pick your reward for making it to your first check point?  I have mentioned that I am looking forward to my shopping trip but never really gave the details.  Details are important in making any kind of goal.  If we are specific enough, then it is clear in our minds eye, and easier to achieve.

I will go shopping as my reward if I make it til the end of February.  While the thought of shopping does excite me, it also makes me nervous.  Where am I going shopping?  How much am I spending?  Will that reward be the final straw and break my self control?  See where details make a difference.  Be specific!

  • Pick a date.  I did state the end of February, but does that mean the 21st or the 28th?  I will go shopping as my reward if I make it to February 28th if I do not spend money on things I do not need.
  • Be specific with your reward.  I will go shopping in NYC at the Shecky’s Event on March 10th 2009 if I make it to February 28th if I do not spend money on things I do not need.
  • Make your goal positive!  Did you already throw in the towel towards making your goal for this year?  Was your goal positive?  If I tell a child to not doing something, what will they do?  They will do it.  The same thing goes for us.  If my concentration is on not spending money on things I do not need, that is what I will think about.  My focus is directed upon spending money on things I do not need.  How can you reword it?  I will go shopping in NYC at the Shecky’s Event on March 10th 2009 if I make it to February 28th and I spend money on only things I need.  Now I’m thinking about spending money on things i need.  When I am out and about, the question that will pop into my head is, Do I need this?  Yes, ok get it. NO, then I do not need it and do not need to buy it.  If I spend money on the things I need then I can go shopping in March.  See that just made me smile again.  Can I make this even more positive? 
  • Pick the proper tense.  Make vs Made, plays a larger role than you might realize.  “if I make it”, that seems to say i might not make it, so lets change that.  I am going shopping in NYC at the Shecky’s Event on March 10th 2009 with money i save, for making it to February 28th spending money on only things I needed. When I read that, I have already made my goal!  I am expecting to make that goal.  When I’m tempted by any random thing I think I can’t live without and do not need I will hear in my head, no i will not buy it because I’m going shopping in March.  I will get excited about the Shecky’s event and will feel better about the decision about leaving it in the store or online. 🙂
  • Keep yourself accountable.  The best thing to do if you truly want to hit your goal is to share it with someone who cares about you and wants to see you succeed.  Choose wisely!  I picked my friend Cristina to go with me shopping in NYC for the event because I know she will be quick to remind me of my goal and keep me focused. 

Do you have any tricks to keep yourself focused on your goals?  I am currently carrying around an index card with the words, Shecky’s and the numbers 3-10-10.  It is a visual reminder of my goal and my reward.  Seeing it throughout the day keeps the goal fresh and reminds me of why I am doing it.

Are you wondering what this Shecky’s Event is?  Vendors get together to sell their lovely products at a discount, a DJ plays and cocktails are served!  Shopping, music and yummy drinks, its no wonder I’m excited!  You have to be 21 OR older to get in of course. You can find some of the most unique and original items on the market; Did I mention at a discount?  Ladies its an event you do not want to miss, especially when a friend asks you where you got that awesome bag, or dress, or lotion, or…I could go on forever.  Gentleman, its an event to pick up something special for your lady or female friends/relatives!  It happens across the US, so check the site for a city near you!  Tickets are currently on sale until 1/15/10 for half price so don’t delay!  Click here for Shecky’s GNO tickets. : ) 

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