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Great Conversations with friends can….

Great conversations with friends last week turned into some awesome opportunities for the rest of us.  In the months ahead we’ll be hearing about topics I wouldn’t get to research until next year, keeping in mind my procrastinating ways.  Luckily for us we won’t have to wait that long!  What are these exciting topics you ask me?  Well thats for me to know and you to STAY TUNED for!  Feel free to be annoyed with me until then for not telling you, as I totally feel your pain.  My boyfriend will tell me he’s got a surprise for me three days before he actually gives it and I drive myself nuts trying to guess what it is…sigh.  Oh right, so then I should give you something before I bid you adieu on this marvelous Monday.

Tomorrow’s Take-Charge Tuesday Topic (Say that 5 times fast) will remind us that the way events affect us is determined on our frame of mind; Events can have either a negative or positive effect.  In our current economic state, many of us have been in financial hardships.  We get to learn that the current market can affect us in a positive way, if we understand how it works.  mrRua, who shares his own thoughts on his blog on a wide range of topics. will grace our presence tomorrow, inspire us and share how money works for him. Feel free in the mean time to click on the link and get to know him a little more, My mind…online. If you want to reference his blogs on My Pocketful Of Thoughts in the future search for mrRua OR Confessions of an Entrepreneur.

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