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Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

By the end of my vacation I had finished reading Eat Pray Love and was very sad.  You follow Liz on this amazing quest to find balance and inner peace and you just wish you had a year to take off and do the same thing!

I cheered up a bit when I read that there was a continuation in Committed, as Elizabeth shares with us her journey of marriage with the sophisticated champion she meets in Bali.  Let me know if you’ve read it or have it to read!  It is on my to BUY list.

leave you with this last quote that made me feel at ease as I knew Liz finally found what she needed.

Prayer bead 87 or Chapter 87…
“…I’ve been here only a few weeks and I feel a rather mission-accomplished sensation already.  The task in Indonesia was to search for balance, but I don’t feel like I’m searching for anything anymore because the balance has somehow naturally come into place.  It’s not that I’m becoming Balinese (no more than I ever became Italian or Indian) but only this– I can feel my own peace, and I love the swing of my days between easeful devotional practices and the pleasures of beautiful landscape, dear friends and good food.  I’ve been praying a lot lately, comfortably and frequently.  Most of the time, I find that I want to pray when I’m on my bicycle, riding home from Ketut’s house through the monkey forest and the rice terraces in the dusky late afternoon.  I pray, of course, not to be hit by another bus, or jumped by a monkey or bit by a dog, but that’s just superfluous; most of my prayers and expressions of sheer gratitude for the fullness of my contentment.  I have never felt less burdened by myself or by the world...”

Prayer can be such a powerful tool in our lives, to get us through the bad and remind us of the good!

Until then

PS Stay Tuned as I share with you my thoughts on the end of Harry Potter #7

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