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Visions of the Future come before YOU!

Buon Giorno!  How are we doing on this favoloso sabato?  I am up early, ready to face the day and all the great things to come!  Giddy Up!  Yes, that was a little Italian for you this morning, I’ll explain all about that another time though.

This morning I begin one of the first posts of my writing pieces to debut on Story Time Saturdays.  As you know everything these last couple of weeks has been revolving around affirmations.  Being able to start the day off with identifying things that we are working on and that we are grateful for; whether it has already come to pass or has yet to be.  In my prior days of writing out these thoughts on a daily basis, my mentor told me to change it up.  It is easy to wake up and write these things down.  At some point though it becomes a part of our routine, the words are written, the message is getting there but over time it can lose impact. So she said to me, take one thought that will come to be.  Visualize it.  Write down what you see.

Now to give you some clarity on what you will read later today, I will give you the journey leading to this visualization.  Four years ago I was very happy with myself.  However, I lacked a bit of focus in the love department.  I would always hear, “How are you not taken, you’re such a catch.”  I knew that I had some issues concerning relationships but wasn’t sure how to approach it.  We all want to be happy but certain aspects of our lives are confusing and honestly, we don’t want to deal with them at all if we can help it.  I didn’t want that to always be the case though.  I was ready to move forward.

In March of 2006 an affirmation pertaining to love was added to my list.  The love of my life is out there looking for me.  So then I thought where is he.  In July of 2006 I changed it to, The love of my life will find me. I am an excellent wife and mother.  As time progresses, the day changes, our priorities shift and we’re left wondering what else should we be doing.  In 2007, my affirmations became The love of my life will find me.  I am an excellent wife and mother.  I intend to send my children to school. It changed again in June to The love of my life will find me, marry me, and we’ll have tons of kids, at least four….to a ton of health children at least 5

At that point in my life I worked rather hard to understand why I was afraid of being in a committed relationship.  How could I be saying to myself every morning what a wonderful wife and mother I was and the love of my life still hadn’t found me.  I learned that it was a couple of factors coming into play that were sabotaging my attempts at committed bliss.  One day I will write in detail about this journey, so stay tuned for that…One of the main things I did learn is that in life, we get a certain picture in our head.  Especially when it comes to relationships.  We get to a point where we are comfortable and we come to expect a certain outcome.  Unfortunately, sometimes wrenches are thrown into the mix and that can throw our “pretty” picture out of whack.  My original picture of the “pretty” committed relationship was shattered.  Crazy glue would not put it back together.  Like a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, an image would come to life and just as I was about to put in the last piece, I couldn’t find it.  Something was always missing.  I sought guidance from a complete stranger but she was someone who was experienced in helping people find their path.  She asked me the questions that I was very afraid to answer.  It meant having to face what had been bothering me and I never truly faced because I had pushed it into the farthest corner of my mind. After that session I learned a lot about myself and how the relationships I had experienced, whether it have been my own or someone else’s, had shaped and molded me without giving it a second thought.  I came to realize that I was letting past situations control me; instead of facing it, dealing with the situation, digesting it and moving on.  So I did, with help of course.  Some journeys in life do not have to be taken alone, thanks be to God for that! 

In August of 2007 my affirmation changed yet again.

I believe relationships can be a good thing if I let them be.
I choose to be in a committed relationship with someone who loves and respects me.
I have the power to control the way my life unfolds, in marriage and the number of children I have.
I am allowing and flexible in relationships with men while still holding true to my own beliefs.

I am open and honest, and excellent with communication with everyone that I have a relationship with, romantic or otherwise.

In November of 2007, I found myself in a committed relationship.  Imagine that.  So the post to follow later today is what I wrote a few months later, instead of my normal list of positive affirmations. I wrote a vision, A Glimpse Into The Future.

Let me know if you have ever tried this particular visualization technique.  Of course there are other visualization techniques and I will share another kind that I have used next Therapeutic Thursday, so STAY Tuned for that.

Until then

PS: My affirmation about love now states: 
I believe relationships are a good thing if I allow them to be.
I am thankful for my healthy committed relationship with a man who loves me and respects me.
I am grateful for the power to control how my life unfolds.
I am allowing and flexible with the men in my life while holding true to my convictions.
I am open, honest and excellent at communication with everyone I have a relationship with romantic or otherwise.

8 replies on “Visions of the Future come before YOU!”

Man, that was deep… I am going to borrow your affirmation about love and see if it works for me. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story! So many people can relate to it and it is great to see that once you worked through the contradictions in your subconscious, you found exactly what you were looking for. This gives me hope! Just what I needed to hear. 🙂

borrow away…darlin’ i see so many great things starting to unfold for you, you just have to keep those pretty eyes open! Can you see your life play out? I’m getting excited just thinking about it! Hope you are to!

I am an affirmation junkie and am loving how you’ve re-framed them over time to suit your needs, which is best. I am especially loving the last one about being open and honest in communication… 🙂

Loving your writing!


Hey, Kesha! As we grow into our future selves, it makes sense to constantly be updating them. I think affirmations are a powerful tool in aiding in goals and milestones. Being open and honest in communication has never been a strong suit for me. I always found that people seldom really want to hear the truth, especially if its ugly. Visualizing positive outcomes instead of negative ones, has really helped me with being able to keep the last affirmation true. The nice thing is we can always borrow affirmations and phrase them to fit us like the perfect black dress or suit. Thanks for your words!

I have never really tried affirmations. Or I should say never consistently and never with much thought. I relate to so much of what you are saying and I am currently going through that “You are so great and have so much going for you Why are you single” phase. I think I will try som Affirmations of my own. I really enjoyed this post.

Stopping by from Flashback Friday.

Hola Chasing Joy!

Thanks for stopping by from Flashback Friday!

Glad to hear you will give it a try. I have to warn you though that it is a little scary to see how powerful our thoughts truly are. But I think once we see that thoughts really are things, we can see some amazing events occur. I myself am being re-inspired to use them more often, I admit I have been slacking in that department as of late. Let me know how it goes for you, or if you need any pointers in how they should go. It really is a learning process.

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