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What’s on your affirmation list?

How are you on this marvelous Thursday?  I am grateful that it is ALMOST FRIDAY!! WOOHOOO!  But on a serious note, have you given the affirmations a try, if you’ve never done them before?  Are you waking up and being grateful for all the things you have, all the things you are, and all the things to come?  Are you saying to yourself right now, that I’m a little crazy?  Hey, that’s ok!  You are entitled to your own opinion.  However, it is none of my business what you think of me 🙂  Maybe you’ll change your mind once you get to hear examples of the things that I wrote out, on a daily basis when I would first wake up in the morning, in the weeks to come. I have found that reminding yourself of all the things you want to be directs you on your path of what you will be; of what you already are.

I have to say, after starting them up again, it changes the way I see the day.  I seem to smile more and laugh more.  I get this calm sense of purpose with a side of giddiness.  Waking up with an attitude of gratitude, seems to change the way I see the world, and I like it!   I’m excited to hear all about how affirmations are going for you, so feel free to drop in a line in a comment.

Stay Tuned for this coming Story Time Saturday, where I share with you a technique in a variation of affirmations that is just as powerful as writing them out every day. It’ll show you how to change things up from time to time.

Until then

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why hellllo sweetmocha darlin’; affirmations include counting your blessings! You can fine tune them to do a variety of things. The results can be quite surprising. Click on the labels affirmations and a stronger minded you for a little bit more information and stay tuned as it is explained more with examples and how it can be used in a variety of different ways! But AMEN to counting blessings…we’re all blessed! Thanks for reading!

Exactly, DJrelAt7. Counting your blessings is definitely an affirmation. I do it every morning, as a matter of fact. I say something that I am grateful for about each part of my body, even the things that give me a little pause. I find that it helps me to appreciate my body more. 🙂

I do wake up every morning and give thanks for another day of breath, another day I can stand up and walk, and simply another day of being above to be a voice for those who can not. 🙂 Great post!

Hoping by from Chasing Joy’s Flashback Friday and your newest subscriber!

That’s awesome to hear Brenda and you’re not alone! Every day is a gift and once we understand that the rest falls into place! Thanks for stopping by from Chasing Joy’s FBF and I am honored that you have subscribed to My Pocketful Of Thoughts, welcome!

I am an affirmations person. I have little positive things that I tell myself each day that make me feel better and change my attitude when it needs adjusting.

I taught all my kids to say each day, “I am *** and I love me. God loves me and I am special.”

I hope it resonates with them and they grow up knowing they are special and worthy.

What a GREAT mom you are! You’re kids are ahead of a lot of others, if they can get that down early in life. I am sure that they know how much more they can accomplish in life know that they are loved. God is AWEsome! Thanks for stopping by Janeane 🙂

#FBF in the house! Great post DJrealAt7! Yes! I LOVE affirmations & I teach others how to create them from their own wisdom & authenticity. It’s a great way to direct your mood into a more positive place.

The only crazy thing about it would be refusing to try it at all! I often invite people to try it before I explain what I know about how it works because once you experience the power, I won’t have to convince you.

I wake up like you DrrelAt7, saying Thank you God Thank you God Thank you God as I’m getting myself ready for the day. It sets the atmosphere of your thought patterns for an amazing day!

I also use my own words to remind my mind, body & soul what I intend to “BE” in each moment of the day.

Quick tip: Ladies, next time you are getting dressed for an important event, just affirm “I have the perfect outfit. I look amazing and I have the perfect outfit” Shallow perhaps but I no longer have that I don’t have a thing to wear issue!

Hey Adrienne, thanks for representing #FBF, I love getting to read new blogs.

You hit it on the spot though when you speak of using your own words to remind your body mind and soul of what you INTEND TO BE, its crazy how it works. One of my sister friends had me read this book called Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn, as I read it, it freaked me out. Then it was like a light bulb went off. If anyone is interested in getting this book its available on amazon.

Thanks for stopping by Adrienne! It was a pleasure.

I love affirmations and I regularly do them, at times I forget, but whenever I do I feel more confident about myself and I find my life just flows according to the words I have spoken over myself. Thanks for such a great post.

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