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Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day!  In a few hours I’ll finally get out of bed and hit the stores to catch some of the bigger deals of the year.  If you happen to miss this holiday shopping event, look forward to October when deals come out for Columbus Day.  Today also is a great day to go look at some cars, you might strike up a ridiculous deal.  In case you are, go back to the last Money Monday topic, where I let you know all I learned in my research to purchase a vehicle.  Add into the mix our affirmation focus and voila; a new/newer car.

Now if you’ve already read last Monday’s blog I told you at the very end that I would let you know how affirmations can help with your process.  So here is what I did and what you can do to.

Add the car you intend to buy to your affirmations list.  How simple is that!  I love simple and straight forward!

February 2nd of 2007, I added to my affirmations list, “I intend to buy my Volkswagen Beetle in December of 2007 with at least $3000 down.” I learned that I needed to be more specific with my affirmation.  What color was it? Did it have a tape deck or a CD player?  In July of 07 it changed to “I will be driving and buying my White Volkswagen Beetle with all the trimmings and a sunroof in December of 2007 with at least $3000 down.”  It became more specific as time went on.  In August of 07 it became “I will be driving and owning my certified Volkswagen Beetle with all the trimmings and a sunroof with at least $3000 down.”  Constant research of model year and of “trimmings” prices caused me to continuously tweak my affirmation.

How I bought the Car of My Dreams - Buy your heart's desire!

The important thing is to keep the thought of buying the car fresh in your mind.  To visualize yourself driving the vehicle.  The vehicle that is yours.  Writing and reading the words everyday creates the feeling of already having it.  Everything begins to shift and align to bring you what you want.  EVEN THE CAR.  Being focused on the purchase reminded me to put aside the pretend payment.  Changing my desktop image at work to a red Beetle and white convertible Beetle overlooking the beach, reminded me, to work, to make the money that would pay for the car.  I was saying to the universe, the car is mine, its just a matter of when and how it’ll come to be.  The more in tuned you are to that goal, the more opportunities will arise to give it to you;  You just have to be listening, pro-active and flexible.

Again, do your homework and stay focused, and you’ll get it.

Until then

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