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I Need A Vacation!

BUONGIORNO! Are you in need of a vacation on this Money Monday?  I know I am!  I find that the more vacations I go on, the more I want to be on vacation.  This year I have been putting money aside for a trip to Europe. For the past month I’ve been listening nonstop to an Italian 101 CD in my car.  Knowing the language of the place you’d like to go to is very important to get around and to communicate with others during your visit.  However we all know that the most important thing to planning a vacation is money.

As an introduction to the djrelat7 Travels segment here on My Pocketful of Thoughts, I wanted to start with all the things you might need to think about when figuring out your trips expenses.  I will discuss each of the topics in further detail at later dates so stay tuned for that 🙂  Today we’re just going to brainstorm ideas.

  1. Travel Expenses? Am I purchasing airline tickets, taking the train, a bus, or driving.  If I fly, how do I get to and from the airport. If I drive, how much gas will I need?  Will I have to pay toll charges?
  2. Where will I stay?  Is it an all inclusive resort?  Is it a hotel/motel?  Do I rent a house?  These are all potential options for where you will stay wherever you visit.
  3. Food? Where I am going, is food expensive? What is a reasonable budget per day for eating?
  4.  Transportation? Do I need a car rental if I did not drive to my destination?
  5. Weather? Do I have the appropriate clothing?  Is it hot or cold?  Do I need to purchase anything for the trip?
  6. Tips? How much do I leave house keeping?  How much do I leave for dinner/breakfast/lunch, if I eat out? If I go to a bar, how much should I leave for each drink?
  7. Excursions? Is there fun things to do where I am traveling to that will cost extra?
  8. Total Party? Who is coming with me?  If more people go, does that drop or raise the total cost?
  9. Spending Money? Should I set a daily spending limit on extras that are unforeseen or stick to what I have planned for?
  10. Photo Taken by Daniel Dias of Daniel Dias Photography
  11. What is something that you think is important when budgeting for your vacation?

As you can see the list can get lengthy, but DO NOT let that discourage you from planning your next vacation. There are TONS of ways to save money and I’ll share that with you when I discuss each topic over the next djrelat7 Travels sessions.  Leave your #10 in the comments below and let me know where you plan on traveling next.  If you miss a travel post just look for the label djrelat7 Travels 🙂

Until then

PS. Take a look at pics from Daniel Dias’ last blog post, Vacation, to see some of the sights we had in the Dominican Republic for his 30th Birthday Celebration!

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