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The Power of Affirmations – Part 2

Good day, my good people! I hope that you have fully enjoyed your summer and are excited for all of the fabulous possibilities this fall. For this post, we’re going to stick with affirmations, except this time we’re talking about how to change your negative affirmations to positive ones. If you haven’t read Part 1, please be sure to check out The Power of Affirmations here.
As mentioned in the last post, you may not be aware, but we all affirm everyday. I’m such a bonehead. I’m stupid. I’m so fat. Nothing ever goes right. I never get what I want. Why is God punishing me? FML! It sucks big time. I don’t think that I need to go on. You definitely don’t feel good after saying them. I don’t even feel good writing them here. Now I need a positive affirmation bath. Okay done. lol
When you say things like this, your subconscious mind takes these things to be true and more things that demonstrate the affirmation are manifested. Have you ever noticed that when you say a negative statement more things go wrong? For example, you say, “I never have enough money. Every time I get paid, something happens and it disappears.” Then like clockwork, the
transmission in your cars goes, your hot water heater stops working, or some other major expense pops up out of nowhere. This is a manifestation of YOUR affirmation. Clearly, affirmations do work, so let’s change them to the positive.
In my last post, I talked about affirming things even when they aren’t true. It may seem difficult, but you can do it. I’ve provided you with some tips to help you fake it til’ you make it.
Relax – One important part of affirmations that never really gets discussed is the feeling behind the statement. How do you feel when you make the affirmation? Many times we do our affirmations while we are stressed, anxious, desperate, or upset. The feeling and affirmations don’t match at all, therefore it won’t be manifested. Whatever you affirm, you have to feel it. Start off by cleaning the slate. Relax. Take deep cleansing breaths, close your eyes, take a hot shower, shake it out, whatever. Do whatever you have to do to release the stress before you start. It will make it easier for you to concentrate and will also help you get a positive result.
Gratitude – we talked about this in the prior post. If it’s hard for you to say the affirmations, start by saying the things for which you are grateful. Life, family that loves you, friends that would go through the fire for you, a job that pays you (especially since so many don’t have jobs right now), your education, a roof over your head, your accolades, your fabulous nail polish collection, plenty of clothes, pearly whites, a symmetric face. Something! I’m sure that you can find something for which you are grateful.
Visualization – this is also very important when doing your affirmations. You will not manifest what you cannot see yourself being, doing, or having. Close your eyes and imagine the person that you want to be. Visualize every detail. How do you look? What do you wear? What is your day like? How do you feel? What kinds of things do you have? Writing down your visualizations is a great way to help you revisit and repeat the affirmations. Be sure to write them in the present tense as if you already have exactly what you want. Glenda provided an excellent example here and here.
These are just a few simple tips to help you. I hope that they’re helpful. Until next time, my good people!
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Ms. Pillowz my dear, you hit it right on the head as usual. I truly believe that once you create the habit of saying positive affirmations to yourself instead of the routine negative ones, it makes a significant difference in your life. The more positive you become the more you will repel all negativity around you and THAT INCLUDES PEOPLE. Miserable people LOVE to keep themselves company, but after a while you block them out to. To all the awesome things to come because of positive affirmations! Cheers, as I raise my invisible glass!

Yes, it can work but it is hard at times. I agree with DJrelAt7 that miserable people love to keep themselves company. I try to avoid them at all costs to stay positive everyday. I believe visualization is the start of making something happen, without it – you cannot make a dream happen. Excellent post!

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