Fun Fridays Pinterest Things to Help You Prcrastinate

Do you pin?

As if I do not have enough things to distract me, in July Ms. Pillowz introduced me to a website called Pinterest.  Pinterest is a virtual pin board.  I have actual pin boards in my room with future goals, current goals and things to keep me focused on those goals.  I wonder if she knew that I am a sucker for pin boards.
So I clicked on the link and it told me that I must have an invitation to the site as there are already many users.  Ms. Pillowz sent me an invitation and a few moments later I was on the site.  I skipped the intro and dove right in.  I look around and realized that I should have NOT skipped the intro.  The site is confusing at first but then after a while you get the hang of it and you’re hooked.   
Why would you use Pinterest?  I am in the process of remodeling my room, getting rid of the old and onto the new.  On this site I have found ideas, organizational techniques and the greatest part is if I see something I know will work in my bedroom, I click on it and it sends me to the site where I can purchase it. If you’re creative you have access to tons of DIY projects.  If you are planning a wedding, there are tons of ideas for inspiration.  If you share a love of art, there are pins for you. If you are trying to pick your next vacation, there are tons of ideas of locations to view.  If you’re a photographer looking for ideas for some really great shots, this can be one of the places to find inspiration  Looking for yummy recipes, yup you guessed it, you can find that to on Pinterest. Another nice feature is that if you see something you like on a website, you can pin it to your board by copying the URL and adding it to the pin under the ADD column.  How great is it to have everything pinned on a board so you can revisit it later?!
The site is really simple.  First create your boards, or if you didn’t skip the tutorial, you can use their suggestions.  Follow suggested boards to start. ‘Pinboards you follow’ links you to different pins. I personally like clicking on the EVERYTHING link, then picking my category and pinning away.  Hover the mouse over the object you’d like to pin to your board, click on the repin icon in the top left hand corner, a pop up window will appear, the drop down shows you the boards you have currently, click on the one you’d like the pin to appear on.  If there isn’t a board yet for it then you can scroll down to the last option of the drop down and Create A New Board.  When you are done with that click PIN and you’re done.  It should return you to your prior page of pins to surf. 
If you request an invitation from the website and get told no, then shoot me your email to with the word pinterest in the subject and your email address in the body and I will send you an invitation to the site.    Happy Pinning!
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