Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend, I’ve been waiting for you!

Yesterday the thought popped into my head….Labor Day Weekend….YES!  I am happy that the three day weekend is finally here.  We wait all year for the major holidays to come and they seem to go just as quickly.  It also occurred to me that I have no clue as to why we celebrate Labor Day.  I know on the 4th of July we celebrate an Independence Day, but the first Monday of September…no clue.  I asked around and got the same answer, “Umm, no clue.”  So aside from some pretty good shopping deals, Can anyone tell me why we celebrate Labor Day? 

I am camping this weekend with friends in Rhode Island and maybe someone will have the answer.  Stay Tuned to find out what I learn. 

May you have a safe and festive holiday weekend!  Feel free to share your plans for this weekend or reveal the mystery behind Labor Day in the comment section 🙂

Until then

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