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People with glass houses should not throw stones…

I am at the laundry mat this morning.  I got up super early to be out of the house at 6 but procrastination seems to always get the best of me. I left a few short seconds shy of 7.  I got all the clothes in and sat down to study for an upcoming exam.  A woman came in about 15 minutes after me and I noticed her leggings were black and umm… see-thru.  All I saw were stripes and I thought to myself I would never walk out of the house not knowing if someone can see my undies without intentionally showing them (this is not to say that I go around showing people my undies).

The buzzer went off to let me know my first load was done and for some reason or another I looked down and noticed a tag on my shirt.  Sure enough I have my shirt on inside out.  I would never leave the house with my shirt on inside out, who does that? Well, apparently me.

Today’s lesson is people with glass houses should not throw stones.  Well the buzzer has gone off for the second load’s completion and I have glass shards to clean up.  Have a terrific Tuesday!
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it happens to all of us, even if we do not think it is something to do lol I actually did it again yesterday, but i was home and it didn’t matter, my mom asked me if I knew my shirt was inside out and I said yes, I like it this way 🙂

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