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I welcome the NEW Fun Friday Series, How NOT to Kill Your Co-Worker

Its Friday night and I feel alright…The party’s here on the west side  ….well I’m not at a party on any side of town but that was a really good song back in the day.  The weekend has officially begun.  Its 6 pm and I know where my children are!  It was a short work week, productive and now done!  Today is a special nod to Friday.  Blogs that post today are a part of the FUN FRIDAYS topics.  There hasn’t been nearly enough fun as there should be.  I have remedied that this evening.  
While today is a nod to Friday; it is also a day to recognize all the people who have co-workers they would like to kill but didn’t! YAY! I am fortunate to not have that issue at the moment.  A little later today we hear from a blogger who accomplished just that this week and we’re lucky to hear all the ways that helps her prevent killing her co-worker and how she keeps sane from 9-5 on Monday through Friday.
Feel free to share if you have ways to cope at work and successfully NOT kill your co-worker by weeks end, OR what they do that drives you bananas.  Lets face it, your co-worker is not worth going to jail for, at least you can have a little fun!  The most clever ways to cope may appear in a special post! 

Want to be ANONYMOUS, I completely understand!  Send your story to me at with a clever pen name!  Or leave it as an anonymous comment below!

If you’re on twitter, feel free to say ‘SURVIVED @djrelat7 @cpigrun #hownottokillyourcoworker’ if you have survived this week!  Don’t forget to share on My Pocketful Of Thoughts Facebook page and LIKE it!  We’ll LIKE you back if you have your own FB Page 🙂  YAY!

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PS. Here’s the link to How Not To Kill Your Co-Worker .

7 replies on “I welcome the NEW Fun Friday Series, How NOT to Kill Your Co-Worker”

LOL! I like that, #hownottokillyourcoworker…sometimes I come close. I usually take an extra long lunch or put on some good music in my office to dissuade me from catching a case! Visiting from #flashbackfriday with @ChasingJoy. Have a great weekend!

Target practice is a great way to blow off stream that can be coworker induced! I’m fortunate enough to work near a rifle range and I have been known to take a lunch break there a time or two. I have to admit it feels pretty Sandra Bullock-like to be wearing heels and puling the trigger, releasing all the built up tension in a single shot. No one is going to distract you if you have a gin in your hands. If you don’t live near a range, there are always the office-size Nurf gun options! Best of luck!

Hello Scenses From A Single Mom, very good advice, in the past I have used music to ward off bad vibes and long lunches definitely make the day shorter 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

Hola J,

I have been thinking about getting a gun permit for the longest time. I just never moved forward from there. No one will bother you with a gun in your hand and I love the Sandra Bullock like image. Woman are bad ass! Love it! That will have to go on the list! Thanks for sharing!

LOL. Ohmigawsh. This is one of the reasons I leaped into self employment, there were too many co-workers I wanted to kill… except now I do theater and instead, I sorta long to do away with some of my cast mates. Right now I might want to kill her by tying her costume corset over her face! Sheeesh. She is such a pill pill pill kinda girl!

Anyway, one more week of rehearsals, two weekends of shows and then… no more of her thank GOODNESS!!!

Well Lucky for you there are only a few weeks left of torture! I hope you can restrain yourself and perhaps you can share with us your coping mechanisms! Self-employment is definitely a solution for avoiding having to kill co-workers! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

What has helped me is venting. I always feel better after I write a Fb status about the annoying co-worker. One time I wrote a full blog post on how a co-worker was acting like a 2 year old so I looked up parenting advice on dealing with the terrible 2s. I was laughing by the end of the post.

Stopping by from #flashbackfriday.

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