Oh, Hello

I’m Shari, I am a personal stylist with a company that goes by the name of Bridge Parker Styling Co.

As a new’ish blogger, I jumped at the chance to be apart of an established blog such as My Pocketful of Thoughts! I am a stylist from Connecticut who adores anything vintage and everything desert. The latter part will not be showcased as much {^_^} he he! Fashion being my first passion, I plan to share outfit ideas and styling tips here regularly. My first few words may be few…but please enjoy these ideas and images.

Double Take will take you from night to day!

This outfit is one that I like to call Double Take

Just doing a little show and tell on how one outfit can be 9 to 5 ready with a small amount of glam as well.

┬áTil’ we meet again,
Bridge Parker

PS. Please feel free to visit me anytime on my blog, Bridge Parker Styling Co.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Hello”

  1. I always wonder what to add to make an outfit go from day to night by adding something extra instead of changing the entire outfit! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to learn more!

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