Shout out to a wellness life!

This morning I was thinking about my goals for this year and what I had contributed to them last year if they had been on my list as well.  Today I wanted to share a recent positive experience.  
In September, my boyfriend won in my name, a silent auction which gave me three training sessions at a wellness life .  It wasn’t until November that I was able to begin my sessions.  I found out that a wellness life is more than just a place to get fit, its a mindset, its a way of life; its about getting right inside and out.
After each training session I was happy to know that it was a good thing to not feel like you’re about to fall apart after working out.  I learned that you should push yourself, yes; but not to an extreme.  I think that everyone is accustomed to hearing ‘No Pain, No Gain’, so we push ourselves past the point of pain, and we shudder at doing it again.  
I completed my third training session with Tammy right before Thanksgiving and I must say that I didn’t expect to connect to a personal trainer the way I did with her.  Not only did she make sure my mind set was in the right place before we began but I also got a taste of reformer pilates, strength training without using the bulky machines and TRX.  I found them all to be equally challenging.  After the three sessions I felt stronger and revved up to become the healthiest me I can be, inside and out.   I HIGHLY recommend a wellness life!

Is being healthy on this year’s list of resolutions?  It’s on mine. Next week I’ll start sharing my story on my Getting to Healthy journey, so stay tuned.  I hope that your year is off to a great start and everything is starting to fall into place.

Until then,
To set up a session with Tammy, her contact info is:
a wellness life

Tammy Gruber


 (Studio is located inside Club NewFit, 32 Commerce Road, Newtown, CT)

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