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Do you 401K?

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, we are ALL at that age where we should start thinking about our retirement, if we haven’t done so already.  Facing the fact that Social Security will not be around when we actually reach retirement age is a little scary.  Especially since so much money has been taken out of our paychecks to go into this system.  Fact is if you want to truly retire and be able to still pay your bills, and you haven’t started a retirement savings account then you NEED to start saving NOW!  401ks are essentially free money if your company matches your contributions so make sure you’re taking advantage of it.  I found this article online about mistakes people make with their 401ks and thought I’d share it, here it goes 🙂

5 Costly Retirement Mistakes 
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It is really scary preparing for retirement. It is important to look into options as soon as possible, times are tough so many are removing money……but you are right we need to put away funds for down the road.

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