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From Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog…Are you focused?

“…Your ability to select your most important task at each moment, and then to get started on that task and to get it done both quickly and well, will probably have more of an impact on your success than any other quality or skill you can develop…”(Pg 1, Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy)

The question to ponder over today is, are you identifying the most important task you need to work on?  If so are you choosing to do other things instead of doing what you’ve identified as the most important task?

I can honestly say that more often than not, I choose to procrastinate with everything else, rather than working on the task I know to be the most important task I should be working on.  Some days though, if I really focus and remind myself, hey woman, you know what you should be working on, I work on what I should be working on.  If you’re a fellow procrastinator, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  One thing that I found, as I was reading this book, was to identify what was feeding my procrastination.  Facebook.  I wasn’t catching up with friends or making plans with family members.  I was playing games.  Games that I’ll admit I sometimes miss.  So what did I do?  I deactivated my personal Facebook account.  I haven’t been on it since.  I read more now.  I write more now.  I volunteer my time.  Its amazing what can be done in the 168 hours we have a week, when we identify what is keeping us from doing all the things we want to do.

I ask you again, Are you identifying the most important task you need to work on?  If so are you choosing to do other things instead of doing what you’ve identified as the most important task?  What’s feeding your procrastination?  Let me know in the comments section OR if its Facebook that’s feeding YOUR procrastination then find me on the My Pocketful Of Thoughts Facebook Page, LIKE it, and Share. 🙂  IF, twitter is your poison than send me a tweet ‘@djrelat7 ________(fill in the blank) feeds my procrastination.’  Can’t wait to read them!

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4 replies on “From Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog…Are you focused?”

I’m embarrassed to say, it’s reading blogs (basically my favorite form of online socializing since it feels a touch like the classic trading letters thing in electronic form). Reading blogs is what gets me to procrastinate on writing blogs and my other fiction.

I have to agree with you on that, but I think of it more of getting ideas, being awed at what my writing might become one day if I keep at it and socializing. I love letters, I used to write all the time to people all the time, now I find myself sending texts instead…sigh Thanks for stopping by Eden, I can’t wait to see what you write!

I do spend a lot of time blog hopping but what I consider a time waster that keeps me from writing is my obsession with checking comments, social media, and email. If I am not careful I can spend oodles of time going from one to the other to the other and on and on.


I have to be careful of that as well, I try to do as much as I can in 5 minute intervals throughout the day and if I can’t get to it in that five minutes, it’ll wait. Although I don’t get that many so the time constraint works 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Morgan!

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