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The Return of Story Time Saturdays

The other day I ran across some poems I had written many moons ago.  They made me smile, some made me sad and some made me mad.  Reading them and reflecting on them now, I realize that life has many ups and downs However, we are not defined by the ups and downs, but how we react to them.  Writing has always been a way for me to get through whatever it was that was getting to me.  If it was something that made me happy, I felt that maybe I could capture the moment with words that painted a picture, so that I could remember it later.

I’ve never shared the poems but today I thought maybe if I did, they might help someone else.  They might help you.  They might inspire you to remember to keep the moments, whether good or bad, embrace them and release them, whichever way you choose to do it.  So for the next few Saturdays, I announce the return of Story Time Saturdays.  Stay Tuned.  May this Saturday contain memories that last with you for a lifetime.

Until then,

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