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like a second coat of paint

            what is this intoxicating feeling coming over me…
    completely out of control
  it is as if possession has taken over…
possessed with a spirit so wild and free…
     oh what is this frightening feeling coming over me…
       a perfect stranger consumes my thoughts…
    when i eat
  when i sleep
   when i dream
  I dream in color but every so often in black and white
      starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson on a moon filled night
   i watch the movie
 they fall in love
      and the end scrolls across the screen
      drifting thoughts in my head
  his smile
his laugh
    his voice
         whispers in my ear
     that raspy voice
 so soothing
so erotic
      but no name
   no details
a pure stranger
    it is madness coming over me
like a second coat of paint
                                          still wet
                     still impressionable
                with doubts if i’ll even like it
            yet his lips
         speak not words i wish to hear
      instead there is silence
    a heartbreaking silence
 that shatters my core into the tiniest
                shards of glass
            glass that cuts
     cuts that sting
  causing wounds that heal
how can i run away
        yet how can i stay
in a man
              who makes me undone
           who knows not my name

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