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Es Noche Buenas and I finally finished wrapping presents! with @KevinHart4Real #ihartholidays

My last gift wrapped!

It’s Christmas Eve and I have officially finished wrapping my last gift! Note to self: Next year purchase gift cards! I finished my holiday shopping weeks ago, yet I managed to pick up more stocking stuffers than I knew what to do with. When I stopped at Kohls on Friday to pick up wrapping paper I walked out spending close to 300 bucks. Why? No idea! Did you go crazy this holiday season?

Did you remember to buy batteries for any of the gifts you bought? Kevin didn’t forget. Check out this hilarious video of Kevin Hart.

What do you think of my handmade card on the wrapping paper in the photo above?  Do you get creative with your holiday wrapping?

Until then,

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2 replies on “Es Noche Buenas and I finally finished wrapping presents! with @KevinHart4Real #ihartholidays”

I used to love wrapping but now that the boys creep behind every corner trying to peek, I tend to rush the wrapping or have the store do it as soon as I buy the gift. But of course, they still try to figure it out by shaking the boxes LOL I love the Teen/tween stage. 🙂

awww thats about the age of my nieces and nephew. I have the luxury of keeping their stuff hidden so they don’t have access to their boxes until I give it to them on Christmas day. I don’t mind wrapping, but I decided to put everyones stuff in boxes instead of gift bags and that pile was almost as tall as me; I started at that pile for two days straight before I got the courage to start wrapping them. Gift Cards!!! Thanks so much for stopping by Ms. Latina. It was a pleasure!

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