soulful Sunday Te Mando Saludos de Puerto Rico travel tips

Te Mando Saludos de Puerto Rico: Fuimos a la Iglesia. (We went to church.)

Good Evening to you on this Soulful Sunday!  We have been sending travel tips straight from Puerto Rico. If you have missed any just search for Te Mando Saludos de Puerto Rico. Today’s tip is to plan, if it is possible, to keep Holy the Lord’s day.

Tip 4: While you are making your travel arrangements, check out the local areas of worship. We attended mass in one of the oldest churches in Old San Juan. The Cathedral Metropolitan San Juan Bautista is more than 450 years old. Mass began with the sweet sound of children from one of the local escuelas (schools). I find the Mass said in Spanish sounds so much prettier than when its said in English. I felt like we were sitting in a part of history.

When you travel do you visit the local places of worship?

Until then,