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Te Mando Saludos de Puerto Rico: ¿Que hago? (What do I do?)

Buenos dias…Good morning! If you are just tuning in Daniel and I are in Puerto Rico enjoying our Christmas present to each other. I am sharing travel tips to help in your future planning. Today I am sharing a tip on what to do wherever you are visiting.

Tip 2: You can find a number of sites to plan what activities you can do while you are on vacation. I usually use Expedia to plan my long distant trips.  They do have options to book activities. However, research will let you know quickly if you are overpaying. Also pay attention to what is included in the price. One of my favorite sites to book activities is Viator.This site features activities from all over the world.Today we are visiting El Yunque, the rainforest, and Luquillo Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.  When booking our activities I searched for packages that picked us up since we did not rent a car.  It can be difficult to site see without one. Once on your tour get great tips from your tour guide and others who are on the tour with you. We’ve met some lovely folks from California and Detroit.

If you missed yesterday’s tip check out, Te Mando Saludos de Puerto Rico: ¿Donde como? (Where to eat?).

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Buenos dias chica. It seems as if you are having a wonderful time in Puerto Rico. Thanks for the tips on how to find good places to go, to eat all from the safety of the internet before we go!!

Thanks Janeane! We had a blast and it helps to do research before you go… there are so many sites that allow people to leave reviews, and you can get a feel before you go. Thanks for stopping by!

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