Puerto Rico Te Mando Saludos de Puerto Rico travel tips

Te Mando Saludos de Puerto Rico: Requerda a dejar un tip. (Remember to leave a tip.)

Mallorca – Ham and cheese on a sweet bread. YUM!

Buenas Noches! It’s been a beautiful day here in Puerto Rico. Daniel and I have been blessed with great weather. Today is Day 3 of the travel tips in the series Te Mando Saludos de Puerto Rico.

Tip 3: Remember to tip. If you are staying in a hotel, it is recommended to leave a few dollars for the person who will tidy up your room.  When you’re eating out, you should leave a tip based upon the service provided and the deliciousness of the food eaten. If your tour guide is professional and does a great job throughout the tour, you guessed it, give them a tip. If you take a taxi and they drive you to your location safe and sound, a few dollars or a small percentage should be given. Anyone who is providing you a service and does so well, should get a tip. Tips can add up so make sure you keep that in mind when you are budgeting!

Who do you tip when you’re on vacation? If you’ve missed any of the tips hit Home in the top menu!

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