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How do you MAKE Your Mark on the World? #MakeYourMarkES

When we’re young, we dream about what we’ll be when we grow up. It changes a few times before we finally decide what will leave our name behind after we leave this earth. The lucky few find out what they want to be and run with it. They make their mark on the world and inspire the rest of us to think bigger. The path I chose in my youth was not chosen with making my mark in mind. I chose what came easiest to me and would pay me good money.

I found what I “wanted to be” while volunteering at church. It began chaperoning a trip to a Youth Festival so my niece could attend. I was truly impressed that weekend by the spirit of the young people there. It warmed my heart and it made me realize what I missed out on during my teenage years and my early adult life.

It dawned on me that my “Mark on the World” was through Christ. The ultimate message that most of us seem to miss is that God = Love. I wear my cross to remind me that Jesus gave his life for us so that we would be saved. It also reminds me to show love for everything ….to everyone. 

I volunteer at my church to share that message, to remind the youth how important it is to have God in our lives; How different a life without God can be. I speak from my heart because I know. I treated God as a distant relative for 12 years. I acknowledged Him but I didn’t understand Him. If I could prevent a child from living a life without God, I have to try right? On Friday nights, after work, you can find me at church with our Youth Group. On Saturday afternoon you will find me in a classroom teaching beautiful young women about Our Lord. Wherever I am though, I show love. 
My class made this video to show what we’re learning. It is the Nicene Creed, what the Catholic Faith believes in.

We all make our own Mark on the world. We ALL have a light that shines! How do YOU make your mark on the world? Lexus wants us ALL to share our story on social media. Let me know how you shared it and you’ll be entered into a giveaway to receive a $25.00 American Express gift card.

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    31 replies on “How do you MAKE Your Mark on the World? #MakeYourMarkES”

    I agree! There are tons of things I do, but I feel they fall to the side in comparison to doing God’s work. There isn’t a greater feeling. Thanks Mama Brandi for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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