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How do YOU #MakeYourMarkES $25 Am Ex Gift Card giveaway goes to one…

From Sunday’s post How Do You Make Your Mark on the World? we learned that there are TONS of ways to make a difference. Doing something, anything, for someone else is making your mark, because you are directly impacting someone’s life. Imagine what that one good deed could do for someone going through a hard time, even if its just giving them a hug. We can do so much with so little, yet many of us do not. I don’t know why that is, but I hope that one day, we’re ALL doing something for others, regardless of what it is.

Before I announce the winner let’s take a look at what awesome things people are doing to make their mark on the world!

  1. Living for Christ – Mama Brandi from
  2. Homeschooling my children – Mary H.
  3. Volunteering – Elena
  4. Helping veterans get back to work with the VOW act and the VWIP program! Programs include CDL, Welding, Electrical,EMT, and Pipefitting. I am also a veteran myself. –
    Vivacious Ramsey
  5. Being a positive influence on my coworkers – Jennifer M.
  6. Doing as Christ – Janeane D of Janeane’s World
  7. Donate clothing and toys to kids in need – Gina W.
  8. Give to charities regularly – Lisa B.
  9. By being the best mom I can be to my kids – Agatewood1
  10. Give books and clothes to the salvation army/goodwill when I can – Judy S.
  11. Volunteering at our food shelf – Barbara M.

And the winner is … Livivua Chandler

A special thank you to Lexus for asking us to share how we make our mark on the world. If we could stick to focusing on the positive and how to help, instead of the negative and what’s wrong in the world, we’d live in a completely place!

Until then,

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