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Finding the Perfect #Valentine’s Day Gift for HIM.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! Did you get your gift yet for your significant other? This past Sunday I went up to the mall to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend. I had an idea in mind when I went but wanted to check out the stores and see what was on sale. I spent a total of 7 hours there, can you believe that. I did find some great items though and I know my boyfriend will be happy with his gift.

Last week I started to pay attention to what deals were on Living Social and Groupon. I scored a great deal on Living Social for Shari’s Berries. We both  love chocolate covered strawberries. I was going to pick them up from Godiva, but this year they are a whopping 7 dollars each. I heard the price, turned right around, and walked back out. One dozen chocolate covered strawberries will run you $84.00 + tax. BANANAS! I paid $32 for Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries and that paid for shipping as well.

Here’s how easy the process was:

I got the email from Living Social giving me the code to use $30.00 towards my Shari’s Berries Purchase.
I then headed over to the website to see what was available for my Valentine’s Day Festivities.


I found a Dozen Gourmet Dipped FANCY Strawberries on SALE! SCORE! Godiva who?
I added a cute card, because it was free and yes, we are AWEsome!
It gave me a couple of goodies to add to my cart, but I stayed strong …wishing I had added the Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I was a new customer, so I selected the corresponding section.

If I needed them by noon, there was an available option for that, but since I leave work at 5:30 it wasn’t necessary. Email for upcoming occasions and get $5 off, yes PLEASE.

I entered in my shipping information. Then my payment and billing info.

I was given an opportunity to review my order one last time.

My order was good to go.
I got an email confirmation that my order was received.

It took me about 7 minutes from going from my email and completing the order. I saved myself money and time by not standing in the long line at Godiva. I will have fresh, Chocolate Covered Gourmet FANCY Strawberries. I will chill the wine and it will be a lovely time for me and my boyfriend.

Did you pick out your gift yet? Check out my Google + Album as I walk through my local mall, Finding the Perfect #Valentine’s Day Gift for HIM.

Until then,
PS: I’ll let you know how I like Shari’s Berries. I always see the advertising but have never ordered from them before.

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8 replies on “Finding the Perfect #Valentine’s Day Gift for HIM.”

Oh my gosh, I do love Shari’s Berries! We are on a “low spend” month, so I decided to make the husband some chocolate covered strawberries this year, but I WANT these for my birthday next month! Time to get in my order with the man lol. Thanks for making me hungry! Ha!

That is great news … doing them at home definitely saves you money if you can find strawberries in season … In CT that is usually not the case and if you do they’re expensive :/ Thanks for stopping by Amiyrah!

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