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[Movie Review] Can I bring my #Tween to go see Identity Thief?

Can I bring my #tween to go see Identity Thief?

I had the pleasure of spending some QT with my Goddaughter on Sunday. We started the day off at church, went out to have breakfast … did you see the check-in’s on foursquare, I leave tips when I go places, you should follow DjRelAt7. Go ahead I’ll wait. Foursquare is great for getting tips on places you visit and sometimes they even offer special deals and discounts. Who doesn’t want to save money? oh wait I have pictures.

A teenager with her hand in her face.
It was too early for her to take pictures.
A cup of coffee at the diner
I gave up coffee for #Lent so I got to enjoy a cup on Sunday .. it was ok …its diner coffee lol
A tea display at Trader Joes
At trader Joe’s we picked up some flowers, single serving snack size bags of mixed nuts, Black mango Tea, & Uncured Bacon
A teenager holding up her painted nails at a nail salon
She wanted me to paint her nails when we got home …which I am horrible at so I took her to the nail salon. Did you know that you can take your little girls and pay a fraction of the price. What a great bonding time to have with our young daughters! Find out what local deals are at your salon.
We stopped in TJMAXX to get an auxiliary cable for my car to use on my ipod… I got distracted. Asked my friends on Instagram which shoes I should get … are you on Instagram? Follow me @DjRelAt7
A picture of shoes on display at T. J. Maxx
…or these … I bought both :-O
A picture of Pan Fried Dumplings from LC Chen's
We stopped for lunch at LC Chen’s … we try what people suggest on FOURSQUARE (djrelat7)
Two fortunes from Fortune Cookies
And we left with a fortune

See what else we did click here.

We ended our day with a movie. We both wanted to see Identity Thief with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy from Mike & Molly. I was hesitant to purchase tickets because of its R rating. I bought my ticket with Movie Pass and paid her’s with my Loft MasterCard (five times the rewards points for February) and we were on our way.

matinee worthy

I thought Melissa was HILARIOUS. Her roles in movies are much different than the character she plays on the CBS show Mike & Molly. The movie, in its entirety, was ok, but there were scenes and characters I would delete. There is ONE scene that I would say is NOT appropriate for #TWEENS and this is the sex scene with the female Sandy and Big Chuck (Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family). It’s a funny scene but nonetheless its sex. I would ok it for 17 and up. If you are going to see Identity Thief, watch a matinée.

Here’s a trailer to sway your mind one way or another.

Identity Thief is Matinée Approved but do not bring your TWEEN.This movie is rated R

Have you seen a good movie to bring a tween to?

Until then,


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I love Melissa McCarthy so I may be a bit bias lol She’s just hilarious! and I absolutely loved the ending! Yes we do have a good time together, we are both lucky! Thanks for stopping by Rachee!

I really want to see this! I don’t have a tween to worry about, so I can just go on my own!!

Sounds like you had a really great time with your goddaughter. I am going to have to send my teenie bopper to hang out with you!

yes you can, be prepared to laugh! Some of the scenes are border line National Lampoon style lol Let me know if you end up seeing it Brandi, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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