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[UPDATE for Bridgeport CT] : #Blizzard Charlotte HITS #Bridgeport CT hard!

They announced on the news last week that Bridgeport, CT could get up to 24 inches during Blizzard Charlotte. When I heard it I didn’t believe it. Two feet of snow, yeah ok. Despite my reluctance to believe that we could get that much snow I checked my inventory on candles, flashlights, and food. I picked up an extra supply of items that did not need to be refrigerated. Knowing that Stop N Shop would be low on supplies by Thursday night, I picked up dried fruit, fruit, nuts, snacks, and protein bars from Target. I was prepared for whatever was going to come. We got a little more than two feet of snow. Bridgeport got a whopping snow total of 30 inches. This does not take into account the snow drifts caused by the high winds that brought some areas with heights of 3 feet or more. Bananas right?

On Saturday morning I walked out onto my porch to take picures and tag #News12CT, after they asked for pictures of Bridgeport. I couldn’t see my car in the driveway. Taking a quick glance at the street, my jaw dropped open. I knew there was going to be days to pass before the snow plows could come and begin to move this amount of snow. People have referenced the last snow blizzard to hit Bridgeport this hard to be the Snow Blizzard of 78. The grand total for Bridgeport during that blizzard was 18 inches. This go round we got double that in one shot.

Here are some pictures from Instagram with #blizzardCharlotte:

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People are upset and agitated as they call into Channel 12 News in CT. I have been following along since Saturday morning and here is some information for the residents of Bridgeport.

Top FOUR Reasons YOUR street has not been plowed:
  1. People are in cars following the plows as they clean. If they need to stop and back up when they find abandoned cars in the middle of the road to get tow trucks in, the twenty cars behind the plows are now in the way.
  2. Cars abandoned during the storm that are parked in the middle of streets. They cannot plow through abandoned cars, a tow truck has to come to move it out of the way, this wastes time AND prevent the rest of the street from being cleared.
  3. Snow is between 2 and 3 feet deep, a Pay Loader is necessary to move the snow off the street, THIS TAKES TIME.
  4. Cars are on the road when they’ve been told not to be. My boyfriend got beeped at a women trying to travel to Fairfield to get their nails done. This creates a problem when the cars get stuck on streets that haven’t been plowed now they are in the way when the plow trucks try and come through.

Mayor Finch of Bridgeport, has issued a travel band on its residents, for good reason to. It may be a while before all the streets are plowed, patience is a virtue here. I advise you to take this time to do the things you haven’t been able to do because of the busyness of life. Relax, watch your DVR, read a book, sleep,write AND share your pics with My Pocketful of Thoughts on Instagram with tags #blizzardCharlotte & @DjRelAt7.

In case you weren’t able to get to church today like I was, here is today’s first reading:

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18 replies on “[UPDATE for Bridgeport CT] : #Blizzard Charlotte HITS #Bridgeport CT hard!”

it’s better now that the national guard came to help, this last week had to be brutal for the regular crew that does it… the occasional snow back in the driveway is no easy feat either

So, I might be the only person on earth that loves that much snow. I also may be the only person who loves it because it forces the family to be together. However, I am aware of the plight of others and don’t take it lightly. I’m glad that you were able to stock up on supplies, and I hope that at least by now, your streets are plowed.

I’m with you Natasha: I love a great pile of snow and I’m pretty much the only one that does! When we get Nor’Easters in NJ, I anticipate them. I love being stuck in with the family, snuggling on the couch and eating whatever we can for a few days. Now, a week of being without might be hard. like during Sandy, but I still didn’t mind it. I do feel badly for those that may be stuck alone in their place.

I do not mind snow either, except that the city was overwhelmed with the cleaning efforts, we have never dealt with 3 feet of snow in a matter of hours. I think a lot of people did not believe that we would actually get that much snow … I was prepared and happy that we did not lose power. I needed the extra rest 🙂

This snow is crazy! I was following your pictures on Instagram. You do a great job of reporting. I need your local television show and/or newspaper to hire you. Immediately.

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