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5 Tips When #Shopping For A #Blog #Conference


Earlier this year I started looking at different Blog Conferences I wanted to attend. My first idea was to Google “Blog Conferences 2013”. I was surprisingly overwhelmed with the choices. Today I won’t overwhelm you with my specific search results, since your desires for a conference might not match up with mine. I will share with you 5 tips I kept in mind while researching which conference would make my “MUST ATTEND” list.


When looking for which conference to attend, think of it like a shopping trip.

1. What is your budget? Before you go to the store you always think of how much money you have in your wallet OR what you have left of your Credit Card Limit (looks left…looks right). You do not want to spend more than you have available. The entire point of going to a blog conference is to further enhance your skills not set you back. Remember that going to a conference is not like buying one article of clothing, you really have to plan to buy an outfit. If the conference is in Arkansas and you live in CT, you’re not just buying a registration ticket to the conference. You must also take into account airfare, hotel accommodations, food, and business cards.



2. Who do you know that is going? Normally when I go shopping I want to pick up pieces that are unique, that speak to me and that not everyone will be wearing. However, the opposite is the case when shopping for a blog conference. If it is your first time in attendance, then going to one alone may be a bit nerve-wracking. You will always have more fun with friends. You will have better discussions after seminars and you’ll make strong IN REAL LIFE bonds. I myself have yet to attend one but those I have spoken to carry on conversations for days. I always think in the back of my head, MAN I SHOULD HAVE GONE!

Photo lent by Janeane Davis from Janeane’s World …can’t wait to meet her IRL!


3. Check out blogs that you love and see where that writer is going! This could be your opportunity to chat up the person you admire! Write down your questions in advance and when you see them, let them know FIRST that you’re a fan of their writing/site and if they have a few  minutes to speak to you. If they do not, see if they’ll exchange info with you and you can meet up later during the conference OR on-line when you get back home.


Check out Amy at As the Bunny Hops

4. Is the agenda of the conference relevant to you? I scanned the Google list and I saw that there was a Beer Blogging Conference coming up. While I love a nice cold beer, I do not write about it. If my boyfriend were writing on the blog with me and wrote on all things beer like, then it might be a good idea to check it out. So if you do not see items on the agenda list that speak to you and what you want to write about then move onto the next conference choice.

5. Are the speakers people you want to hear from? Thousands of people apply to get on a panel or have a session dedicated to what they’re knowledgeable about. Speakers have talent and crazy skills to get on the list. They go through rounds of elimination and make it onto the list to be presented to YOU. Is what they have to say relevant to your blog/site? If you’re looking to get tips on photography  then you do not want to sit in a session about how to understand Twitter. Although we could all use a few tips on how to utilize social media, am I right? It’s important to check out the speakers and what their topics are if you’re going to get the most bang for your buck.

4 Tips to SAVE Money on a Blog Conference

If you apply any of these tips when you’re shopping for a blog conference, please take EXTRA heed to #1. What tips do you have when trying to decide on a conference to go to?

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