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#Harlem #Shake on an #Airplane… Dumb or Genius?

After today we ALL might be banned from dancing on airplanes … I can’t believe I just typed that …The FAA is NOT happy after a plane full of people participated in a Harlem Shake video for YouTube.

I think this video is hilarious and I’m a little sad that I didn’t think of it. My co-workers and I were talking about doing one ourselves but how can we possibly top this one? On the flip side it makes me sad that a simple fun dance would be thought of as a potential distraction for someone to take over the plane. After 911 I could see why the Pilot might have been concerned. However, I cannot see them just doing the dance, would they not at least run it by a flight attendant? Then the flight attendant could warn the pilot? How would you plan it?

What are your thoughts? Was it harmless fun OR a potential distraction for what could have been a devastating disaster?

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13 replies on “#Harlem #Shake on an #Airplane… Dumb or Genius?”

See…I STILL think it looks like everyone is having fits but whatevs.

I think it’s harmless fun but after considering that someone could use this as a cover for terrorist acts then it seems not so fun. If they could get the proper people involved, flight attendants, staff then it should be cool.
And even though it looks like people are having fits, I think my library staff should do one.

lol i think that to but I might look like that when I “dance” so … but I also think its a fun opportunity to just be silly … I’d love to see one done by your library staff …I’ll be waiting to watch it! Thanks for stopping by Rachee!

I think that they were just having fun but with things as tight as they are with the FAA I think they knew they were taking a risk when they did it. Telling the flight attendant would be a good idea but I bet she would have said no way! I also agree with Natasha 🙂

I agree with you 100% CarliAlice, I’m sure they’ll be changing up the routine when you get on the plane now …please refrain from dancing in your seats when the safety seat belt light goes off. Thanks for stopping by CarliAlice!

I thought it was hilarious…I am a little lost on how they were able to coordinate and plan without the assistance of someone on the plane. And once they started dancing…couldn’t the attendants have just shut it down? I mean, how do you get a banana suit through security???

EXACTLY Michelle … although now that I think about it … it could just be a news spin OR maybe the attendants on the plane would get in trouble to allow it so just deny it right? LOL Thanks for the comment love!

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