[Movie Review] Should I take my #family to see Oz The Great And Powerful?

Should I take my family to see Oz? Last week this was on the minds of many families, as the Disney Movie Oz The Great And Powerful had its opening debut on Friday. I normally do not watch movies on opening night because I get easily distracted by the large crowds and the person that sits behind me always seems to be fidgety. When I got the call on Friday night from my niece and her dad asking if I wanted to come, I said ‘Sure why not I’ve got my MoviePass(TM)’.

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With a great cast, , , , Mila Kunis, to just name a few, the character of Oz is revealed. You get a glimpse of a man who is a flirt, a lie and not so very nice to the people who support him. Given a second chance to change his ways when he lands in a place far from his Kansas home, you’re left wondering if he’ll take it. I won’t spoil the movie for you if you’re not familiar with his story but I’ll tell you what I loved about the movie. Oz. I loved the land of Oz. The scenery was magical, the colors were vibrant and it made you secretly wish to get lost in a hot air balloon. My favorite character was the adorable China Doll played by Joey King. She was fragile and strong with lots of extra spunk, but when she pulled out the … well I’ll let you see that scene for yourself. I smiled to myself when the real good witch came on the screen, and thought of my good friend Biba, Author of Big Diva HQ, who fondly calls me Glenda. Who doesn’t want that title?

Who should see it and when?

  • If you’re an adults you should see it as a matinee feature. Invite some friends to lunch and go after. When I first saw the trailer it was on my list of movies to see. If you go alone or with other adults, you’ll watch it to the end and feel like there was something missing from the movie. It is definitely DVD worthy …Netflix or Redbox anyone?
  • If you have kids, and you want to make it a family night out, I do not recommend this movie for ages under 8. There are scenes that might give them nightmares. If you have a large family, I recommend you wait for the DVD to come out. Buying the DVD instead, will save you money and allow you to make a themed party. Making a party out of it will be more enjoyable for your family, less time consuming, and provide a great photo opportunity. If you decide to go ahead and watch it at the theater with children under 8, Disney has put together a beautiful interactive website that you can look at with your kids and it even includes games. Visiting the website is a great way to explain the movie before hand, let them know what they will expect and open up dialogue on fiction VS reality AND good VS evil.


This is definitely a movie to watch with the whole family and a great addition to your DVD library collection! (do people still have these?) If you haven’t seen it yet here’s the trailer:

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Did you watch it yet? What were your thoughts on the movie? Who would you recommend see it?

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