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[Movie Review] What #movies can I take my #teenagers to?

two teenager girls at the movie theater
“Titi, are you going to ask us to pose for everything?” ~My Goddaughters at the movies.

I’ve always had a passion for the cinema. As a child I would read my books and act out parts in my bedroom; I think that is where some of my quirks comes from. When tickets were 6 bucks I used to frequent one of the local theaters to enjoy movie after movie, the air conditioning and the popcorn. The higher the ticket prices got, the less appealing going to the movies became. In December I was lucky to get accepted to the exclusive MoviePass™ membership. As of last month I have been enjoying movies for one flat monthly rate.

An empty theater room
Daniel and I had an empty theater to ourselves on #DateNight

Last week Daniel and I went to see Safe Haven for date night and while he thought it was a good movie, his suggestion to you is that you should wait until its on TV to watch it. I, on the other hand, think its a perfect movie to watch with the girls, especially my nieces. It exposes the complexity of relationships and shows the layers of love. There is also the opportunity to open a dialogue about domestic violence. Julianne Hough and  Josh Duhamel have great chemistry on the screen which is so important for love stories and the scenes that go along with that to have…chemistry is key. My favorite character was Lexi, played by Mimi Kirkland. She’s adorable and wicked smart. If you decide to go see Safe Haven, grab a handful of Kleenex before you leave the house.

Check out the trailer:

A photos of popcorn and raisenettes
This is SOOO YUM! The combination of salty and sweet. mmmmmmmm

This past Sunday I introduced my Goddaughters to one of my favorite movie theater snacks, popcorn and raisinets. They begged me to watch 21 and Over but I don’t need to help them get any crazy ideas in their head. I’ll let their parents do that, LOL We compromised on Warm Bodies, because I knew Daniel would never agree to watch it.We all loved the movie. I especially liked the Awwwww that the girls kept giving the scenes throughout Warm Bodies.It’s a sweet movie, hilarious and AGE APPROPRIATE. It’ll leave you with a sense of hope in case one day we do get hit with some crazy virus that begins the dreaded Apocalypse. Also the cast makes becoming a zombie look cool.  I walked away with remembering that at the end of the day, regardless of what heartache we experience, we can move forward and love again. You may need a Kleenex or two for this movie … but then again I seem to cry for everything these days.

Here’s the trailer for Warm Bodies:

Tip: The best time to watch a movie is the LAST Matinée showing because the theater is not super packed AND it’s better on your budget.

ticket stub of the movie Warm Bodies


What have you taken the teen in your life to watch?


Until then,

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That is a great thing to do with your daughter … I never brought my nieces to chick flicks because they were younger … but now that they are in their teens they make great company to them … I look forward to having days like yours when I get around to having kids 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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