7 Ladies To Give YOU #Fashion Inspiration! #Frumpy2Fab

7 Ladies To Give You Fashion Inspiration

It’s the end of week 4 of the Aprill #Frumpy2Fab Challenge. The challenge was started by Saidah from A Proverbs Wife to up her game while working at home. I started the challenge in February as a way to challenge myself to use the clothes I had in my closet and the makeup I had purchased. I had such great feedback during that month that I was inspired to spread the word. It has been a great learning experience for me. Have you been participating?

One of my fashion pet peeves is seeing all the great outfits in the store, running to the store trying them on and loving it. Sounds weird right? How is loving an outfit that I buy a pet peeve. Most women would kill to go to the store AND walk out with one outfit that they LOVE. My point is that, its an outfit. I never know how to reuse its individual pieces to create new outfits. So I go out and buy another outfit because I just wore the outfit I just bought. Next thing I know, all the clothes that I worked hard to sort through to donate, are back in my closet but an updated version of them.

I watched an episode of The Nate Berkus Show and he always had Lilliana Vasquez, who would show the audience how to create a months worth of outfits with 14 pieces of clothing. I need that in my life; For someone to show me how to take the pieces I already have in my closet and use it a different way that I’ve been using it. I’ve been fortunate to have one of my high school friends, Shari, as a Stylist for hire. She has such a gift for fashion. She reminds me of the ladies in the magazines. Did I mention she was for hire?

Fashion Cardigan Inspiration
Cardigan + boyfriend shirt = ideas from Stylist @bridgeparker check out her blog for ideas for pieces in YOUR closet. #pocketThoughts

Her posts this past winter inspired so many different outfits. This has been a blessing to my budget. Can you feel me on that one? I incorporated summer pieces into my fall outfits by layering them under light sweaters which still works for this chilly spring season Connecticut is still having. Spring is being a tease! Has spring “really” hit your town yet?

Layering Shirts for Winter
From Shari’s Blog I was able to reuse my summer shirt as a layer not once but TWICE!

I know how hard it is to come up with doable fashion outfits. You want to be the lady that people are always complimenting. It easier said than done. It takes practice and having a friend like Shari on tap. In case you are looking for some looks to die for, I’m sharing 7 of my FAVORITE fashion blogs with you today!


  1. Shari from Bridge Parker … A Day to Day Style Blog is great at showing you how to reuse your pieces in your closet to create unique looks.
  2. Roxy from Accessories We Love is a lady that really shows you how to accessories and is always wearing bright and happy colors!
  3. Stella from Jadore Fashion has great posts on how to pack for vacation and how to still look hot while transitioning into a mom to be! (There’s hope for me in the future!)
  4. Jessica from What I Wore has a diverse sense of style and has great posts on how to prep for places like the beach!
  5. Chasity from Garner Style shows us full figured ladies how to look hot and how to create the looks on the fashion magazines. She’s amazing y’all!
  6. Tanesha from Girls With Curves is another one of my curvy inspiraitons but her makeup is always flawless. She really pulls her outfits together from top to bottom!
  7. Erika from Your Chic is Showing is a great treat for both the ladies and the gentlemen! She gives great tips and explains all things chic! With a group of contributors this blog feels more like an online magazine! Here’s a site a couple can visit together!

I’ve given you a pretty long list so that if we meet in real life we’re not wearing the same outfit! These sites really give you the know how and the where to go to look FABULOUS!

Where Do YOU Get Your #Fashion Inspiration?

 Until then,


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Thanks for the shout out and link love! BTW – I’m loving that striped cardi! Very cute!

Thanks Kesha! I love incorporating fun pieces, it can take a simple outfit and kick it up a notch! You have great style to though …perhaps your site can add some fashion to it 🙂

As a new mom, I’m always buying for baby but not for me! This is a great way to look at my closet in a different light. I lived on an island for 7 years and have an endless amount of summer clothes but hardly any for winter. I’m going to use some of Shari’s tips!

I always use my summer tanks to wear under shirts in the winter time but I never thought to layer some of my lighter shirts under a sweater, it really adds texture to an outfit! Shari is great for working with what you already have! Thanks for stopping by Heather!

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