Day 2 of the #Frumpy2Fab April Challenge …ladies and gentleman lets get some compliments!

Hello loves! It’s day two of the #Frumpy2Fab Challenge, did you decide to take it? Today I am sharing why I decided to take @ProverbsWife Challenge in February. I also wanted to stress that this challenge is not just for the ladies but for all you men out there too. There is nothing hotter than a well groomed significant other. When we take the time to look good for ourselves, others will notice. Also open up your eyes during this challenge so you can respectfully compliment those who are dolling it up. Compliments are welcomed by all …so make it a task to do it at least once a day.

Take your pictures and put them on instagram using #Frumpy2Fab to appear in the challenge slideshow! We want to see your FABULOUS faces!


Until then,


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