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[Movie Review] Iron Man 3 is a MUST see!

should i spend money to see iron man 3

Tuesday nights are Date Night for me and Daniel.  Yesterday we went to go see the anticipated Iron Man 3. Before we went I asked my comic book loving co-worker if he had seen it or heard of how it was from someone else. He had not seen it yet but replied that regardless if the movie was so-so, it was Iron Man so he’d love it anyways. I am not a comic book lover but I do love me some Robert Downey Jr, he’s just such a talented actor.

Iron Man 3 Ticket

If you ever find yourself wondering if a movie will be worth the money to see in the theaterThis movie is rated pg13 think of different times available you can go that will cost you less. It’s best to spend less money on a movie you’re not sure about by catching a matinee or a discounted day, like Super Tuesday. At the BowTie Cinemas in Trumbull, every Tuesday is a $6.00 Special. It’s perfect for Date Nights!



Here’s the Iron Man 3 Official Trailer:

Flashbacks, intrigue, injured egos and anxiety attacks keep Iron Man 3 moving forward until the next action packed scene. I personally loved every single minute of it, even the short clip after the credits. It’s a perfect example of GOOD VS. EVIL! I particularly liked the more involved role that Pepper played. She kicks butt in a few scenes. Also the white suit she wears in one of her meetings is to die for! The important lesson is that no matter what is taken from us, these things never define who we are as a person. SPOILER ALERT: There will be another IRON MAN movie! From what is shown, I bet it’ll be about how Tony Sparks becomes Iron Man.

Daniel on the other hand, thought the movie was “Aight”. It did have great action scenes but it wasn’t by his definition a great movie. He is not into comic book stories. I’m not either but I still enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, may I suggest you rent the Avengers before seeing it. We hadn’t watched the Avengers prior to seeing Iron Man 3, which apparently is an interim of Iron Man 2 and is referenced quite a bit.

Daniel with yfast n furious 6 Poster

Daniel is looking forward to seeing Fast N Furious 6, Are you?

 Daniel is looking forward to the release of Fast N Furious 6. You would think that a movie could not last so many sequels but I myself am looking forward to it. We got a sneak peak of the trailer before Iron Man 3 came on.

Here’s the Official Fast and Furious 6 Trailer:


Did you see Iron Man 3 yet? What movie are you looking forward to seeing next?

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