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[Movie Review] Why I Need More Star Trek!

Star Trek Should I go see it?

I remember catching episodes of Star Trek when I was younger and feeling completely lost. I never got into them and I never watched the movies. When I saw the preview for the first movie of the newer version of Star Trek, I thought the previews looked pretty good. When the movie came out I went to watch it. I was presently surprised as to how much I liked it.

I left the theater wanting more. I thought it would have been the perfect time to start up a fresh Star Trek Series on the television. (Not that I need to add yet another show to watch to my dvr.) It didn’t happen though. A few months ago I heard of the next saga being released tomorrow and I immediately added to my must see list.

Here’s the preview:



Today I went to the local Bow Tie Cinema to catch a movie to share with my loves here on My Pocketful of Thoughts and I went to the kiosk to purchase The Great Gatsby and I saw available showings for Star Trek. I searched the night before and saw midnight showings of it. I went through the line to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. They were giving showings all day! Poor kid at the counter must have thought I was a little off because I kept asking the same thing, are you sure its for today?

After all the questioning I got a ticket to see it in 3D in the fancy theater room. If Into Darkness is on your list of movies to see, you will not be disappointed. Its PG 13 so I thought it was appropriate for the whole family. There is enough excitement and drama to keep everyone entertained. If you’re a fellow Star Trek Fan and are familiar with the story line then you’re in for a treat. Into Darkness shows the crew of the Starship Enterprise grow closer together as a family as they face people they trust and people they’ve sworn to kill. Who is friend? Who is foe? You’ll have to go see it to find out! See it after dinner tonight! Let me know how you like it!

Star Trek is Friday Night Worthy!

Can someone start a new Star Trek TV series? Now, please! I need more! Will you see it?

Until then,


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