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Look good and feel good about it too with @WarbyParker #eyeglasses #shop

Disclosure for Warby Parker Ocean Aveunue Collection

What is so special about Warby Parker eyewear? Here’s FOUR reasons to check them out!

  1. They’re affordable! I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since 1987. They were round shaped brown frames and my lenses stuck way out because they were thick. I absolutely hated them. Talk about looking like a nerd, and NOT the cool nerd of today! My parents were on a tight budget, so we usually had to pick from pairs priced on the lower end of the spectrum. If you are an eyeglass wearer than you know what that means; limited choices and unflattering frames. I longed to wear contacts but that faded when I picked up my current pair. Wearing a pair of glasses that look great on you, will change your entire day. I know, I know, they’re to help me see but looking good makes you feel good! The down side of my current pair was the cost. I was happy to hear my hair dresser, Jen tell me about the Warby Parker line in December.They even have sunglasses!For $95.00 you get the frame, the Anti-Reflective Prescription Lenses, Free Shipping and 30-day Returns! How much do you spend on prescription eyewear?

    Warby Parker Ocean Avenue Collection
    Warby Parker Ocean Avenue Collection
  2. They’re stylish and can make you look like a super hero! If you’re a lover of all things Super Man then you’ll be excited to know they have a Man of Steel™ Collection. Yes, you too can unleash your super hero fantasies with an inspired frame! I mean really fellas, who doesn’t want to be Clark Kent hot? Don’t fret ladies, there are Man of Steel frames for us to! Did you know you can look good in eyeglasses and not break the bank?

    Warby Parker Ocean Avenue Collection
    * The Warby Parker Ocean Avenue Collection also makes the fellas look good!
  3. Warby Parker give you two ways to try them on! I don’t know about you but I’m a hands on type of person for a lot of the things I wear and that includes eyewear. UNLESS…. there is free shipping and hassle free returns.  Warby Parker has a Home Try-On Program: Pick up to 5  pairs of eyeglasses/sunglasses, get them shipped to you free, and you’ll have 5 days to try the pairs out before making a final decision. Your other option is to try the glasses on virtually. This video shows you exactly how that will work out for you, lol! Do you buy your prescription eyewear online?
  4. Your Warby Parker eyeglass purchase makes you feel good. Warby Parker has created a company that not only makes its wearers look good but do good in the world. When someone buys a pair of glasses, a second pair of glasses is given to someone in need. Also, Fifteen dollars from each $95 purchase is donated to 826NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6–18 with their writing skills.* Did I mention their training program? Who knew that buying a pair of glasses could make you feel warm AND fuzzy?
How Warby Parker gives back!
*How Warby Parker gives back!

Without further ado I present the Warby Parker Ocean Avenue Collection:

Warby Parker Ocean Avenue Collection logo

“…Screaming on the Cyclone, lazing on the sand, and sprinting through the nearest
open fire hydrant top our very lazy agenda this summer. We daydreamed about
our own adventures—searing brain freezes, sky-high cutoffs, and that open-window
sensation of peeling out of a hot car seat—for our new selection of eyewear.

Each of the 8 optical frames and 14 sunglasses are custom acetate and all throw-
’em-on-and-go, with new hues like Sea Glass Blue, Driftwood, Orange Fizz, and
Chocolate Soda. They pair perfectly with your blisters-be-damned sandals, a
healthy slather of SPF 50, and melting ice cream.

Crank up the radio—yes, the radio—and cheers! Beers are in the cooler.
We’ve been expecting you. …”

Here are my two favorites!

Percey in Burnt Lemon-tortoise from the Ocean Avenue Collection.
*Style: Percey in Burnt Lemon Tortoise from the Warby Parker Ocean Avenue Collection.
Jules in Ginger-Lemonade from the Ocean Avenue Collection
*Style: Jules in Ginger-Lemonade from the Warby Parker Ocean Avenue Collection

It’s easy deciding to buy a pair of Warby Parker eyeglasses, picking which ones, well that’s a different story! Check out the rest of the collection here.

Will you try out the NEW Ocean Avenue Collection?

Until then,


PS: Get to know Warby Parker better:




12 replies on “Look good and feel good about it too with @WarbyParker #eyeglasses #shop”

I totally agree Sarah! It is one of the reasons why my hairdresser recommended them to me, she knew they were right up my alley. I hope to check out their store next month, perhaps I’ll find my perfect fit 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

My children are hard on glasses – I’ll definitely give them a look. The styles look like something I would even feel comfortable wearing.

Yes I was looking into these for my niece also. Prescription eyeglass can cost a pretty penny! I’m looking into checking out their line in person next month when I’m in NY, I’ll let you know 🙂

I like the Percy burnt Lemon and Tortis.
Ps. I like how your twitter follow button is in spanish.

Yes, the Percy is one of my favorite styles! I am looking forward to going next month and checking them out in person. Yes it is in Spanish 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

I wonder if they send these eyeglasses to Libertyville IL! They look fantastic! I love the charity aspect of it, too. Thanks for posting this Arelis!

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