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[Movie Review] Was The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy funny? #pocketThoughts

3 reasons to go see the heat

A few months ago, Danny and I saw the preview for The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and we thought Yes, that looks FUNNY! Sometimes though, what you see in the trailer is all the funny you get. How many movies have you seen where you’re like, that’s it?! Who wants to waste money at the movies? Will the two of them togThis movie is rated Rether make this movie hilarious enough to watch it on a Friday night with my honey?

Bullock has appeared in numerous movies as an FBI agent and she’s one in The Heat. Typically I do find her movies to be funny but I usually wait for them to come out on DVD to see it. McCarthy, well you already know that I love her from what I wrote up about Identity Thief. The teacher she plays on the CBS show Mike and Molly is hilarious! Molly is a cleaner version of what I’ve seen of her in the latest BIG SCREEN movies. In this movie, McCarthy plays a bada$$ cop. Together, the two lovely ladies play a good cop, bad cop routine as they try to catch a Russian Mobster. Yikes!

Was The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy funny?

I thought it was SUPER funny. McCarthy is certainly passionate about her job and is a bit …umm… unconventional. She rubs off on the more serious FBI agent that Bullock plays. Both women intimidate their male counterparts and Bullock stands up to the guys in one of the funnier scenes. (Danny found this to be the funniest of all, and you’ll know when it happens, trust.) Apart the two are a hot mess, but together they make a great team.

this movie is matinee worthy

Danny and I could not agree that The Heat would be a great date night movie. I thought it could be, because couples need to laugh. He thinks a date night requires a horror flick or a romantic movie. Both of which he’d fall asleep on, I’m sure. I can suggest this to be a fun Girl’s Night Out selection.

Here’s the trailer to The Heat… IT’S HERE!


Are you a Sandra Bullock or Melissa McCarthy fan? Will you see The Heat?

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PS: This weekend also debuts the action-thriller White House Down featuring Jamie Foxx, who plays the POTUS, and the hot Channing Tatuum, who plays the police officer that tries to save him after the white house, well… goes down! Here’s the preview for that one.

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