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[Movie Review] 3 #Movies to Watch with Your Sweetheart #pocketThoughts

3 movies to watch with your sweetie

These past few weeks have been brutally hot in Connecticut. This week we’re supposed to see a record 7 day heat wave. Advisory warnings have been in effect almost every day! Daniel and I have been escaping the heat at the theater. Our usually Tuesday date night has expanded to seeing two to three movies per week. We’re not alone though. We’ve noticed an increase in other people hitting the theater to keep cool. If you join us, do you know what to watch?

Date Night Approved by My Pocketful of Thoughts

Here are 3 movies we’re suggesting you watch for date night!

White House Down:

This movie is rated pg13Channing Tatum plays a D.C. Capital police officer who applies for a position with the Secret Service detail that protects the President of the United States. Jamie Foxx’s character, President Sawyer, proves to be smart AND funny as he tries to stay alive when the White House is taken. Whether or not they make it out alive to tell their tale is up to you to find out! Supporting actors to keep an eye in this flick are Emily Cale, the daughter of John Cale/ YouTube Vlogger and Donnie the Guide who takes his work VERY seriously. Aside from a date night, this is a movie that I’d approve for your Tween!

Here’s the trailer:

This is the End:This movie is rated R

Honestly, as a whole, this movie sucked. It’s stupid humor. Having said that, the stupid humor is actually really funny. It’s FULL of celebrity faces but the main characters are James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen (who is also one of the screenplay writers), Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Michael Cera and Emma Watson.  I wasn’t going to watch it but after listening to an interview on Z100 with Rihanna discussing the “butt grabbing scene” I thought why not. The movie is NOTHING like I thought it would be like. There’s a message in there for you Soulful Sunday readers and a hilarious scene with Channing Tatum but overall IT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH. Oh and leave the kids at home. I’m happy my niece was not with me!

Here’s the trailer:

Pacific Rim:

This movie is rated pg13Ladies, Idris Elba and Charlie Hunnam are the star hunks of this movie. If that’s not enough, know that it’ll keep the men entertained with its fast paced plot from start to finish. I wasn’t sure if Daniel was going to like it since I’m a bit of a Sci-Fi geek and he’s not. However, he found himself actually liking it. Seeing some of the cast from the show Sons of Anarchy was a bonus. We both agreed we would have loved to see a little bit more of a relationship development with Raleigh and Mako. Perhaps an embracing kiss would have been enough to satisfy that lingering question of will they get together? Fellas do not worry, this is definitely not a romantic movie or a chic flick. On the contrary, the action sequences of the Jaeger pilots vs the Godzilla like Kaiju’s is enough to keep you both watching. I think this would also be a good flick for the tweens.

Here’s the trailer:


Have  you seen any of these yet? Do you have a date night suggestion? Let us know in the comments!

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Pacific rim with Idris Elba is the only one that seems interesting to me, but I’m a lil tired of watching apocalypse movies to be honest. Idris is too dreamy though, so I may!

Yes, its one of those years where all the movies have the same underlying topic, apocalypses and aliens lol Marie you might like Pacific Rim for the hot guys, Idris is super dreamy. Let me know what you think! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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