Peace Be with You.

Peace Be With You - A reflection on the word peace.

Peace be with you… You might hear this phrase during Mass but do you use it outside of church. The word peace carries a greater meaning than the casual peace we speak of in our daily conversations. When I hear the word peace … I think of the 60’s when there was the peace and love movement. I see people throwing up their hands in the familiar V sign. It’s the answer to the beauty pageant competition question, “I want world peace”. What comes to mind when you hear of word PEACE?

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This weekend I heard the Mass in Spanish. Some of the words don’t translate easily into English and to be honest with you, my Spanish is not very good looking. However I can give you the gist.  Father Elio explained how we downplayed the word peace. So many of us use it as a way to say we are annoyed. Leave me in peace. We can throw up the peace sign when we get to the … Let us show each other the sign of Peace. While the sentiment is there, can such a simple display of our fingers encompass the true meaning of the Peace of the Lord?

May the Peace of the Lord be with you …and with your spirit. When we think of Peace here we should be thinking of that tranquil feeling you get when we keep the Lord in our lives. There is a peace of knowing that he is with us always, watching over us and guiding us, like Fathers do. There is a peace in knowing that anything we attempt to do in our lives is possible with His help. When we ask for peace, or to be left in peace we should be talking about the calmness of our soul. The feeling of being safe and secure because we are at peace with our spirit. Do you feel the peace of the Lord?

I can attest that my life did not feel like I was on the right course until I let go and let God. This is a saying I have heard all my life but I didn’t always understand what it meant. If you know me, even a little bit, you know that I try and control every aspect of my life. In my late teens and half of my twenties, I was so frustrated that things were not going AT ALL like I had planned. We put forth so much effort sometimes to have things just so. Life has a way of making us feel like our efforts are wasted. If we let go of the control and we give our troubles to God, it’ll be O.K. It’s as simple as saying Lord, I know that things are making me nervous in my life right now, but I give you my worries and will let You do Your thing. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Give up my control? Once I did it though, there was a peace I cannot describe to you unless you yourself have also let go and let God. You feel a weight lifted off your chest and you’re able to breathe easier. Do you know what I mean?

Can you feel the division in today’s Gospel?

Luke 12; 49:53 Jesus the Cause of Division


What’s the first thing to come to mind when you think of the word PEACE?

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For me peace is a sense of calm. When I am able to breathe, there is no agenda, no lists to take care of, nothing pressing. Next question…when was the last time I had peace?

LOL what’s that saying “I’ll have peace when I’m dead” I’m thinking of taking a mini vacation alone, even if its for a few days to find that peace you speak of! We can all use it! … Thanks for stopping by Sarah and sharing your definition of peace!

Peace to me is harmony, a meeting of the minds. Not easily attainable without work, and oftentimes compromise, but it is certainly a wonderful goal.

Hi Arelis,

I heard this at Sunday’s Mass too :). I’m just like you in that I didn’t fully understand what the term Let go, Let God meant and I’m so glad I finally got it.

I think of a time in the 60’s too when peace and love was the way to be toward one another and how I wish I could have lived through that.

Since I wasn’t I try to create a peaceful atmosphere around me. Nice post!

Hope you’re having a great week!

Great that you did let go! I remember a coworker called me a hippie a while back and I took it as a compliment! We would have been perfect for that era! Peace Love and Thanks for stopping by Corina! Happy Wednesday!

Until I let go, I never had peace. When I finally accepted the fact that I am NOTHING and God is EVERYTHING, it relieved the pressure of trying to find peace on my own. He is peace. I love these messages!

That is a great thing to strive for Makeba! It’s something that I struggle with having but I’m working on it. There’s something about being at peace that makes things feel …safe.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!

I love the spirituality that you bring to your BLOG! Its like a beautiful ray of light!! Thank you for sharing and encouraging peace in our lives. That is not always the easiest to achieve.

Thank you so much for that Sharelle. I really think that if we highlight things like that on a daily basis it will help keep us sane. At least it helps me! And yes it is not always easy to achieve but we should try anyways! XO

When I think "peace" I think, "be here, right now and be still." Peace for me is sort of like happiness in the sense that when you are young you tend to think of these two things as a state of being. But in fact it has everything to do with how well you are able to settle yourself in the face of everything else outside of yourself that you do not control. For the only thing you control is yourself. So why not be at peace. When you pray or meditate you are seeking that calm. When I do pilates I am looking for that and when I am with people I try to go to that place.

This is nothing but God! Today I had a really tense meeting to go to. Before I went in I prayed and I could the anxiety, pressure, and frustration leave me. Peace is when I feel myself just let go and trust my higher power to work through me.

Patricia that is a great way to think of it. A place you go and feel that Ooohm! I get there every now and then but I REALLY wish it would be my constant state of being. I'm working on it!

Peace is a wonderful gift. Knowing that I have a personal relationship with God and can go to Him directly, personally and jus as I me gives me a peace that comforts me and helps me in good times and bad.

Arelis, I struggled with finding peace for a long time. I had to realize that I cannot control everything and everything has a reason for happening. I’m still learning to let go and let God but its an ongoing process…… Great article

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