Confessions of a Single Woman: Stick to YOUR Plan!

Don't get pressured into your engagement! Stick to your plan!

The last couple of weeks have been interesting for Daniel and me. Every so often I have to check what we’re wearing to make sure we haven’t accidentally put on “Ask us when we’re getting married!” t-shirts. Nope, not wearing one. Everyone AND their mother must have gotten a letter in the mail, a text or a phone call to ask us what we’re waiting for. It’s the ONLY explanation I can come up with for this sudden influx of inquiry. Has this happened to you?

All couples are SUPER excited about their future together, and of course, they’re happy that their close friends and family share the same sentiment. If you’ve gotten married or started the planning of your wedding then you know there are many other factors that are involved than just saying I do. Like …

  1. Hopefully you’ve discussed getting married. Or else the friendly inquisition may have the opposite effect that people are expecting. If you haven’t thought of marriage, it might be the perfect time to think it over.
  2. Pinterest boards are a great way to see what kind of ring your love likes! You could ask them what kind of ring they’d like to receive but that takes out the excitement and surprise. The ring should be a symbol of your love and your promise of commitment.
  3.  I think we’re all in agreement that if we’re in a stable relationship with someone we want to create a family or share a future with that its OK to start planning. Actually it’s probably smart to start saving for your future, even if its not knocking on the door quite yet. Once the question is popped then you’re AHEAD of the game!
  4. Other obligations can come into play to push back your plans, like a higher education. Imagine trying to study for finals AND plan a wedding! I don’t even want to think about it! OR lingering debt from your higher education …If you’re thoughts lie with starting a future with your current love then start a financial game plan. When its time to become one with your finances, you’ll both be thankful.

All of us non-married people have our reasons for not tying the knot just yet. If you’re in a committed relationship and the above scenario is happening to you JUST remember to stick to your plan!

keep calm and stick to the plan


 What advice have you taken/given to keep calm when the village wants you married?

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I am really convinced that people are uncomfortable around single people. At least you have a boyfriend. I have none and in some circles I am like some kind of social pariah. I find it amusing that women appear magically if I dare to engage in a conversation with their guy, one woman had her cousin follow me at an event. I had another one do everything except pee or tattoo her name on the guy in order to mark her territory. Please!! Anyways, maybe your experience is a bit different in that your family and friends really like the two of you as a couple and ask that question to show their endorsement of the relationship. (-;

LOL Natasha at the pee or tattoo the poor guy, hey you never know …. Yes I take it as an endorsement of the relationship, its just before it was my mom asking for our babies to be born already and now its like every time we turn around someone is asking us. These past two weeks its like a flash mob performance. I told Danny I was going to get us t-shirts that say SOON on them, so we can just point. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by <3

I’ve been dealing with this for years! I generally just smile and nod and then change the subject. Some folks will always harp on it but I try not to let it make me uncomfortable- I totally agree that sticking to the plan makes much more sense than allowing myself to be pressured into anything!

Yes, we should never feel pressured into doing anything, especially such a serious commitment like marriage. Good for you and I’ll try that the next time someone asks … change the subject! Thanks Chelle for stopping by and sharing advice with us!

Be short and honest, “We’ll let you know. Maybe.” LOL! Folks LOVe to ask questions, but you are right, stick with your plan. You and your partner are the ones with opinions that matter!

Yes, I agree that discussing marriage is a good idea before actually doing it! Unless you’re in Vegas… 😉

Seriously though, my husband and I found the required Pre-Cana classes to get married in the Catholic Church were a lot more useful than we thought they would be. Actually got into a major argument after one of them — but I’m glad we were able to sort the issue out BEFORE getting married rather than having it come up as a surprise afterwards.

Yeah, we’ll be taking them soon enough Jessie, I’m sure we’ll have some interesting conversations …thanks for sharing your experience with us! I hope we clear up any issues before we get married to!

Great insights. I would also like to add that finances should be laid out on the table before getting married. Once you say ” I do”, you are taking on all their debt and obligations, so it’s only fair to get a clear pic of what youre getting yourself into. It’s also good to practice working on a budget together, as that is a skill that will be useful throughout the marriage

Thanks Kyle! Yes finances are very important to discuss before and to let the other person know if there is debt/obligations. Money is serious! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

Good luck with that! LOL!!! And it only gets worse! We keep getting the “when are you going to start your family”

My other half and I have been engaged for a few years! LOL we CONSTANTLY get the “what are you waiting for….?” question. I think its so rude to ask that! What if people are just happy being engaged? What if they cant afford it? I usually just answer “when we hit the lotto or you write the check!” that usually quiets them down LOL

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