Are We TOO Judge-y?

are we too judge-y?

Did you know we project a judgmental mentality on others? Yes, you AND me! Don’t worry though, it’s human nature. When we meet each other for the first time we quietly size each other up. However, unlike the game of Poker, our facial tells can change more than just the outcome of the current game of meet.

Even after we’ve known each other for a while we must learn to continuously work on our Poker face. When a friend tell us the latest in their life, are we listening with an open heart and mind? Or are we silently judging them as their private confessions spill from their lips? For some of us, we can cast away our judgmental thoughts but for others it’s habit. We all hope that when we do confide in our friends and loved ones that this is not the case. I share my life knowing that I am not being judged by my loved ones. Do you?

Do we behave in a similar manner towards our religion?

Ex 32: 7-11; 13-14

Do we “like” certain aspects of our religion and “dislike” others in the same manner we like someone’s Facebook status? Can we believe in God and not be committed fully to our religion? Father Elio explained that in order to embrace our faith we must be open to letting God reach into our hearts and change us. We must know our true value of being a child of God. How do we change a judgmental attitude?

  1. Confess.  The Sacrament of Confession helps us to be more understanding of others because we acknowledge our own sins.
  2. Identify your  thoughts.  If we identify our critical thoughts we become more aware of them and can better control them. In doing so, we cast these judgmental thoughts and we become a part of the healing process.
  3. Invest your time in Spiritual Growth. Attending Mass, reading the Bible, books on your Faith,  praying and meditation are all forms of Spiritual Growth.
  4. Focus your thoughts. Welcome and entertain the good thoughts that reflect God’s thoughts to be like good shepherd’s.

Father Elio says that We must purify our thoughts and ask what our concession is about God.

People with glass houses should not throw stones.

People with glass houses should not throw stones. We’re all familiar with this saying, but sometimes we forget that it also applies to us. Whether we are talking to a friend, meeting someone new for the first time or we’re looking at our religion, we should be listening with an open heart.

Do you think that people in general rush to judgement?

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