Why I BECAME Afraid of #Exercise. Part Two.

why i was afraid to exercise part two

I shared with you the beginning of my exercise journey but let me tell you why I became afraid of it…It was November 2011 … I knew I had gained weight but I didn’t realize how much until I went to GAP to get a pair of free jeans for checking into the store on Facebook. I went to grab the last size I had purchased and added to my pile a size bigger and the next size bigger than that. Two whole sizes larger and they barely fit. I thought I was going to cry in the stall, but the jeans were free. Who cries when they’re getting jeans for free?

I should have started going to the gym that night, but I didn’t. Instead I bought into the beginning craze of leggings that looked like denim. They were comfy and looked cute with long tunic sweaters and short winter boots. December came and rolled into January before I scolded myself for becoming more obese. I didn’t think that was possible but it was. In February my friend told me she had started doing Weight Watchers online and she was having success. I went to the gym and weighed myself at over 200 pounds. I didn’t cry. I now had my motivation to get my butt to the gym.

Later that same week I signed up for Weight Watchers online and became excited at the results. It was an easy system to follow. I loved the achievement acknowledgements! I felt in control and I lost twenty pounds. Yes, I was making strides towards a healthier me and I was …happy.

In August of 2011 I decided to take on the challenge of training for a 5k and the first few weeks went so well. In the third week something was not right though. I was on the treadmill at the gym and I was almost finished with my running training session when my leg went numb. I kept running since there wasn’t much left to the session, which sounded like a great idea in the moment. No pain no gain and all that. I took a break from running after that. I thought I had injured something, and would need to let my body properly heal. I tried again the next month and my leg went numb right away.

In May of 2012, I decided enough time had passed to give running another go. Again I found my leg becoming numb the minute I would pick up my pace.  Things went downhill from there. The following weekend I went to a wedding and danced a good portion of the night. The next morning I could barely move. I was in such pain. I felt it in my bones. A week went by and I wasn’t feeling better. I would be at work, sitting at my desk for an hour or so, and when I would get up it was a task. I felt like an old little lady. The pain of moving was becoming worse. I knew that it was something I should not be experiencing at age 31 but I was afraid to get myself checked out. How much would that even cost?

Daniel finally convinced me to see his chiropractor. He had been having back issues for months and was having much success. I knew, as my birthday approached that I did not want to spend the next year of my life waiting for something worse to happen before I would be proactive in turning my health around. What I learned after my first visit was alarming!

Are you proactive in keeping healthy? Or does something have to happen to motivate you to get checked out?

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I have had the experience of going into a store and getting “my size” only to discover it was not my size. My husband and I have a competition going on right now to lose weight and get into better shape. I am hoping my competitive nature will help me get myself back into shape.

That is awesome! It is so much easier to get our shapes back when we’re working towards it with our significant others. Daniel and I weigh in on Sunday to see who will be paying for our anniversary dinner. YIKES! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Janeane!

I haven’t had to worry about my weight since I’ve had dogs, because they make sure I get lots of exercise – I have still had health problems, though, mainly a stiff neck from sitting too long at my computer! I hope the chiropractor managed to help you sort out your problems.

Sue I found out I had bigger problems going on with my health than I knew! Luckily I’ve been on the mend this past year and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once I move into my own place I’ll have to remember to get a dog 🙂 Chiropractic services could help you out with your neck issues, there’s a pillow type contraption that helps out tremendously if you’re sitting at a computer all day!

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!

Hey Arelis, As I was reading your post about your leg I was thinking Chiropractor, Chiropractor. We go at least once a month if not more. I hope seeing one helped you sort out your health problems. I am amazed at the things they can fix in the human body. Have a great weekend 🙂

I lost about 25 pounds over the last year and I’ve realized over the last 6 weeks, I’ve gained 6 pounds back. I have promised myself that I am getting back on track Monday. I really have trouble staying motivated. I used to love to exercise, but honestly I hate it anymore. Hope you’re doing better!

This is always my issue, motivation. Most days I don’t have it 🙁 Get back on track Donna don’t let all that hard work over the past year go down the drain! Its so easy for it to add back on if we’re not careful! Thanks so much for stopping by Donna and sharing your thoughts with us!

I was feeling so much when I read this. I too have had some injuries which slowed my exercise down. I wish you the best.

Irish of Dedicated 2 Life

Irish I feel with you! It has not been an easy journey for me. Putting on so much weight really effected my health. I’m on track to turning that around though! Best of luck to you to! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!

I’ve always been dieting and going up and down with my weight. Finally I just had enough of the scale and started eating right and exercising but I could easily be distracted and return to old eating habits.

My husband’s recent health scare is what finally pushed us to change our eating habits and start an exercise routine. The whole family is participating and we’re all feeling better. We have one day of the week when we can eat whatever we want in moderation and that includes sweet stuff!

I should see a chiropractor for my back but I just can’t make it there. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post with us! Hope you’re having a great weekend Arelis!

It is hard Corina! Habits are hard to break as I learned this past June. When we do it as a family, like you and yours, it makes it easier to maintain the healthy habits we need in order to live out our lives without being scared. When I was at my highest weight I didn’t do anything until I was having chest pains. I had ignored the weight far too long.

I’m so happy that your family is feeling better and doing it together. Its so important to instill in our kids the importance of eating healthy, exercise and moderation. We can eat what we want but within reason.

Cori I wish you would see one for your back. My boyfriend was having a lot of issues with his last year and he kept throwing it out. His friend recommended the chiropractor he had been seeing and he’s dong so much better now! Call around and see if anyone has a referral service or maybe someone you know is going to one that might have one. You could be doing more damage long run if you delay!

Happy Thursday Corina, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

I’m proactive about my health now, but didn’t use to be. I took it for granted that I was a generally healthy person, conveniently overlooking the fact that even though I rarely got sick, I was morbidly obese. (Don’t get me wrong, I knew I was obese, but chose not to associate that with my health. Ahem.)
One thing I’m not very good about is exercising. I know it would be good for me to get out and walk, but the days go by, and I don’t. I’m confident, however, that that puzzle piece will kick into place soon. I’ve made so many other strides over the past year, I’m allowing myself some grace in that area.
Curious to know what the cause of the pain/numbness is now. Inquiring mind… 😉

I know exactly what you mean Ellen! I was there three years ago. But then all the doctors told me I had to lose weight. I still ignored them. At my highest weight I started to feel like something was pressing on my chest making it hard to breathe and I knew ….something had to be done.

I’m glad you made strides over the past year! I think once you start to exercise, you’ll like it and it’ll become addictive. I set out to do ten to twenty minute walks to start and now I’m doing a 5k on Saturday.

There’ll be a part 3 to this and I’ll cure your curiosity on the pain/numbness.

Thanks so much Ellen for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!

I’m not proactive about being healthy. I am good about eating right, but I do need to get out and exercise more. Terrence said that we are going to start Monday, and watching you run this week definitely inspired me!

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