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I think I broke it…

i think i broke it...Let me explain. It's not what you think!I wasn’t going to say anything but I think I broke it. So now I have to say. Right? See what had happened was… I went to use it last Thursday and …it didn’t work. I was the lady who could go and spend an easy hundred on a handful of items at the local Loft Store. I could make a full circle and need someone to help me start a fitting room twice before I was actually ready to try on the clothes. I would start calculating the amazing 50% off prices and add to them the coupons weighing down my purse. I’d sort through all the amazing pieces that fit and I’d start planning in my head the perfect date nights coming up that I can wear them for before I hit the register. Last Thursday though … I got nothing. Are my shopping SUPER POWERS broken?

I walked in the Loft and checked in on 4Square. The app said that it hadn’t seen me since August. AUGUST. Someone had stolen my mayor-ship. I was nowhere close to winning it back. A couple of months ago that would have bothered me. It didn’t bother me one bit though. Maybe I’m not broken after all? Maybe I’m fixed?

I made my rounds and I did find a few great pieces. However, every single piece of clothing I picked up was not worth the 50% off printed coupon I had found shaking in my purse. I had a $20 Loft Rewards Card and nothing seemed worthy of its redemption. I picked up a handful of T-shirts on sale for $10. My favorite long sleeved t-shirts too! The first color I looked at didn’t have my size and I took it as a sign. Put them down and walk away. I browsed the Sale section and found a beautiful crochet looking top for next summer. I tried it on and even though it was $7 it would stay in a bin until I pulled it out next summer. I want to get rid of stuff not store more things. I hung it on the rack as I left the dressing room.

So I walked back out to the floor determined to find something to use my rewards card on and it dawned on me. Scarves. A scarf is a great way to update something already in my closet with the fashion palette of this season. A lot of the prints and patterns on the clothing in general, spill onto the soft fabric that looks great around my neck and helps keep me warm at work. At half price, the scarfs are a steal to kick your fall wardrobe up a notch. SCORE. I couldn’t decide between two of them so I got them both.


Loft Scarves
Loft Scarves by areliscintron featuring a fringe shawl


As I left the store that day, I realized that I wasn’t broken. I’m in a great place in my life and working on my goals means being disciplined. Discipline is key when we work towards achieving any goal. It’s when we include others in our goals that we become accountable. We can easily tell ourselves we’ll do it tomorrow. I’m the queen of procrastination. However, its a different story when you have to tell a loved one, sorry I didn’t do what I was supposed to so the goal’s completion will take a little longer to get done. When what you want to accomplish is an arms length away, a new dress for me is not worth the delay. Can I get an Amen?

Do you have financial goals that seem to get side tracked by your shopping habit? How do you keep yourself on track?

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I’m so proud of you, Arelis! This is a big accomplishment. Sometimes I feel like money is burning a hole in my pocket and I remember…house. House. HOUSE. Thanks for being so honest about your financial journey. It inspires me!

Thanks Brandi! It’s funny because these last couple of months I thought I was missing out on shopping. I feel like my body is going through withdraw but then it was like once I was in the store I didn’t feel like I was missing out on much. Picking out your house is definitely a reason to stay focused and not give in to the burning hole in your pocket.

I am pretty good at holding on to my money until…..yep its the until that gets me. I have to definitely stay out of the stores when I am emotional. Thanks for sharing & giving me another change to look truly at how I handle our finances. Great post ARelis

I do the most damage when I’m emotional. Luckily I’ve kept my emotions in check over the last couple of months so I feel good about where my finances will go over the next year. I think that its all of us, we can’t help it lol Right now my reason to not go on emotional shopping is greater so its easier to stay focused. OR I redirect it in exercise which is helping me BIG time!

Thanks so much for stopping by Pam and sharing your thoughts with us!

Amen. I realized after cleaning out my closets summer before last that I buy too much “stuff” that I don’t need. I found things with the price tags still on them. Things I forgot I had. šŸ™ So I’m working on decluttering. If I buy something I get rid of something. I still got to work on my shoe addiction, though. šŸ™‚

I was the same way Donna. I still have a few pieces I couldn’t part with that still have their tags on them. I have a pair of pants I”m hoping I’ll fit in after another month of exercise! I have five blue Ikea bags at home full of stuff to donate but I keep adding stuff to it. I need to get it out of my house!

I’m staying focused on what I have in my closet. I’m finally at a point where I can actually see everything. LOL

Shoes …I had to give away half of my shoes. When I lost weight my shoes became way too big. After I pay my credit cards off I’ll have to rebuild my collection. …I’m sad just thinking about my shoes šŸ™

Good Luck with your decluttering! It really is an ongoing process!

Arelis, I felt like I was shopping with you, and I can relate to your story. I love the colors of both of those scarves.

I use to go to my favorite store and buy things on sale or not, just because. A few weeks ago my favorite store had t-shirts with 3/4 length sleeves (which I love) on sale. I hit the store with the plan to get at least 2. I was so sad because once I got there I discovered that the store didn’t actually have them. I could only buy them online. So I checked what else was on sale, as I use to. I mean, I was there, shouldn’t I at least buy something. I found a nice sweater for 50% off. It would have cost me $30. I was happy with myself because it was actually easy to put the sweater down and walk away. Something I wouldn’t have done in the past.

Didn’t that feel good Sicorra? Putting it down and walking away! I never thought I could do that. I always had to buy something. I felt bad if I didn’t. I’d get a high trying all the things on and then wanting to buy it all because I always have a hard time finding things that fit.

Its… liberating to walk away now! … I love 3/4 length sleeve EVERYTHING! I would have taken it as a sign to leave if they didn’t have the deal in the store lol but then I probably would have gone online, bought the two tshirts and add other things to my cart to get free shipping … sigh

Yay for us! Your articles help me tons though, I’ll admit! I’m always on there to see what other thing I can be doing to pay off my debt faster! I appreciate you!

A great share, Arelis – I’m hopeless at shopping, often buy stuff I don’t really need and I’ve far too many clothes in my cupboards I’ve hardly worn. Like Donna, I think I should get rid of something before I buy anything else. As you say, discipline is the key!

Sue if it helps find an organization that you know NEEDS these things. I always packed a bag or two when the seasons changed to donate to Good Will. This past December my doctor’s office was doing a drive for a Women’s Domestic Abuse Shelter … that motivated me to fill up five BLUE Ikea bags and after all that I still have a full closet …I’d never wear half of those clothes because I couldn’t see them to wear them. They say we only were 20% of our wardrobe. Its true! Donna is onto something that works.

Thanks so much for stopping by Sue and sharing your thoughts with us. I hope you find your discipline! Planning for a marriage has been mine!

I can so relate to you! I used to shop every weekend, not because I even needed anything. But I was bored and had money to spend. I bought so much crap. Donated a ton of clothes with the tags still on. These days I rarely step into the stores, partly to avoid the temptation but I also don’t find the same joy I used to. Now I think about other things I would rather have, which makes it a lot easier to say no. Great post!

Yes, I was driven into the store… sometimes a couple of times a day … because of coupons in my email inbox. Now I delete them before I can even see what the coupon is. I don’t need the temptation either. I’d like to get married and that is a big one, the one I guess I needed to give me the will power to say no to that really cute black sweater with the lace shoulders …I’m not thinking about it anymore…after just now … lol

Thinking about other things you could have like a trip into the city or a dinner with a loved one … makes it definitely easier! I’m with you sister!

Thanks Tanya for stopping by and sharing your shopping experience with us! Let’s keep it up!

I mostly stay out of the stores unless I really need something. I’m not single, so my needs are different. I love the way you thought of whether an item was worth the great coupon in your purse! That’s smart! Also the scarves are a smart choice as you explained. Good job!

Hey Maggie… I think I’m in transition …single preparing for a family life. I too have been staying out of the stores… so far its working. I only went into the Loft that day because I had the Reward Card for 20 bucks.

I hope to start thinking like you …only go in if its something I really need! Thanks so much for sharing your shopping experience with us Maggie!

Amen girlfriend!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We’re on a journey to financial freedom ourselves and for the most part I’m disciplined but when it’s a good sale I can’t pass up, I cave :).

I love scarves! I just bought a grey one with black print and it was on sale plus I used my discount card so I ended up getting it for $4!

Every time I go shopping I pick up a few items and by the time I’m ready to check out I’m empty-handed. I’ve learned to talk myself out of meaningless purchases when before I’d ignore those little voices. šŸ™‚

Wishing you all the best in your financial journey! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Thats awesome… scarves for $5 when I go into NYC next week. I’m going to take ten bucks with me so I limit myself lol I am trying to ignore the great sales myself. I really don’t need anything. God has blessed me and I was ignoring that! Those voices though …they’re tormenting. I would hear things telling me to take them home …I wonder if my insurance pays for therapy LOL

I wish you and your family success on your financial journey as well! Happy Monday Cori!

This sounds so familiar! Been there, done that, and like you, realized that my “shopping withdrawal” wasn’t so bad after all. I used to shop my favorite stores whenever there was a sale, whether or not I really needed anything at all. Then I found I had things in my closet that weren’t getting worn, so I realized I had to take a more pragmatic approach. It was tough throwing away those coupons! Fast forward to two years later, I still shop these same stores, but limit myself to the change of seasons – hey you gotta have something new to welcome the change, right. And my kids need clothes too! lol

I hear you! I have so many fall/winter clothes that I didn’t give away that the scarfs were the perfect accessory to bring in the new season on fashion. Yet they’re both neutral enough that I can still use the scarfs five years down the road.

I think every woman goes through this cycle. Our lives shift and I’m looking forward to not having enough time to go shopping. I am missing it less. September though was pretty bad with the fall emails coming in from my favorite stores. I ignored a 60% Flash Sale email. I deleted it quickly and proceeded running through the rest of my inbox. Now I just have to watch myself on Living Social ….

Thanks so much for stopping by Carol and sharing your shopping experiences with us!

Good for you, Arelis! I love hearing stories like yours. I definitely enjoy shopping but I want to feel good about it too. It sounds like you’re there and making smart choices for yourself. šŸ™‚

Thanks Shannon. Yes I think I am finally there too! I felt empowered for being able to walk through the store and only get what I absolutely needed and not half the store!

Thanks so much for stopping by Shannon!

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