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let go let godLet Go, Let God. I’ve mentioned this phrase several times over this past year and I always mean it. I say it from my heart. Last week I forgot that important phrase. I let someone’s actions effect me far more than it should have. I combed over different responses I could have made but didn’t. I don’t like conflict. I’m a peaceful person. However, if you rub me the wrong way the old Arelis rushes to the surface. I let her out for a whole day. One day is too long to let someone steer you in the wrong direction. Has anyone rubbed you the wrong way?

Daniel and I visited another parish on Sunday morning and that was the overall message. Let go, Let God. In life we sometimes feel like our pleas are not answered fast enough. We pray and pray and sometimes nothing. The priest reminded us that it is our faith that we must hold on to because God is working on our prayers. He knows what we need and the exact moment when we will need it most. If you’re waiting on something to happen, keep praying. Pray on solutions. In the mere act of prayer, you are releasing into the world what is troubling you most. After you have this conversation with God, take a moment to mediate. In that moment your answer may come. If it doesn’t come immediately, have patience, God works in His time and is working for YOU. Trust its on the way!

luke 17; 5-10

When someone acts out against you, don’t take it personally. Sometimes things are happening that you can’t see and their acting out their frustrations. Chances are it has nothing to do with you and all to do with them. Everyone has their storms and crosses to bear. Pray for strength to keep yourself together and not choke that person. Remember … Let go let God.

When someone rubs you the wrong way what’s your first reaction? How do you move past it?

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Let go and let God is such great advice. The problem is that we let go and let God, then we take it back. We must learn that when we let go and give it to God, we cannot take it back!

I’m shaking my head yes right now but you can’t see me :O You’re right on Janeane, You can’t take back what you’ve given to God. I think its because we’ve grown impatient. We’re used to doing things fast and wanting results before we’re even done. Life unfortunately, is unpredictable and takes time to sort. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

When someone rubs me the wrong way, I get offended… it’s the sicilian in me… however… prayer gets it all back in perspective! Thanks for sharing this!

I definitely look for instant results but I have come to learn that if something doesn’t work out the way I wanted it to, then it wasn’t meant to be, and something better is waiting around the corner. Reminding myself of that helps me be a little more patient next time.

It’s tough, but what’s reassuring is that I have to believe that God sees and God knows. Once I do that, I just have to let it go..

I was talking about this with a friend just a couple of days ago. Someone was rude to her, then later came and apologized, because she had just had some bad things happen and was taking it out on my friend. It wasn’t fair to my friend and this person did realize and apologized. But it just goes to show that we don’t know what is going on in someone’s life that may be affecting the way they are behaving. Right or wrong, we are all humans. Great post!

That’s too funny my friend was telling me how she wanted to choke her coworker and I talked her out of it stating that very reason. Its easy to forget though when its actually you. I did remember that after I cooled off. I didn’t get an apology though. I think sometimes people are unaware of what comes out of their mouths. lol …but that still makes them human. Thanks for stopping by Donna!

Yes, he is! Sometimes it can be answered right away and sometimes it an take years. Know that everything that happens in between that time is for a reason. What that reason is will be revealed in time. Think back on all the experiences in your life that have shaped you to be the person you are. Imagine if you had know experiences. Or perhaps that there’s something you have to do first, asking to do his work in the meantime may help you get there faster. I’m sure you’re already doing it! Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚

Arelis, Arelis: You are convicting me with this post. I really need to learn how to let go & let God. Its easier said than it is to do! Thanks for the friendly hand slap, oops I mean reminder. smile

Pam it really is easier said than done but that is what makes us human. Its easy advice to give but in the moment that advice went out of the window for me when I needed it. Things will happen to us all the time, all day every day. It is how we react to those things that shapes our day. If we carry it around on a piece of laminated paper maybe? Thanks for stopping by love!

Lately, I’ve been letting a lot of things get to me. The problem is just as you stated in this post…I’m not letting go and letting God. I vow to do better this coming week. Thank you for this post to inspire me.

Brandi its human nature to let things get to us when they’re not a part of our vision. We hope things go smoothly and when they get out of whack we want to stop and fix it. When we’re not aware of all the other factors that are in play we get frustrated. Sometimes we also have to push through crap to get to the good stuff. Letting go and letting God work on our stuff is like a muscle that requires us to exercise it in order to make it stronger. If we haven’t used it in a while it’ll take a bit to get into the habit of using it. Good Luck this week!

Hey Arelis, great post! I need to take a lesson from this one. Admittedly sometimes I am too quick to get angry when rubbed the wrong way. But I am working on that! Life lessons have taught me well that one shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. So I will often give that person who rubbed me the wrong way another chance – hey, I’ve had bad days too!

I’m a peaceful person, and live my life that way, too, Arelis. Since life isn’t perfect, however… šŸ˜‰ …

When I find myself challenged by the desire to engage with someone in a less-than-mindful (nevermind peaceful) manner, I typically sputter for a little bit, and then take as many deep breaths as I need to calm down and restore my equilibrium.

Does it work every time? Heck, no. But I do note progress, and I’m happy with that. šŸ™‚


Progress is a great thing! Its good to have that sputter and deep breaths to calm down and move forward. Sometimes people will catch us on a bad day and we’ll react. It is what it is. Thanks so much for stopping by Ellen!

Hi Arelis,

My therapist used to tell us that too. I love those words and practice that every day. Of course I’m human and there are days when I let the days stressors get to me. I just stop and pray and ask God for guidance and He always comes through!

I so agree with Janeane….we always take back what we gave God and we have to learn to really let it go.

Thanks for sharing this with us Arelis! Have a great new week!

We like to feel we are in control, but that often leads to problems. It’s hard to be patient, but so often a better solution comes along that is better than what we wanted in the first place!

I agree Maggie! Something is around the corner…coming that’s better! Patience is hard to come by. Letting go is all about letting go of the idea that we cannot control everything especially how other people will act towards us. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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