One Year of Faith

one year of faithIt’s almost been a whole year since I mentioned One Year of Faith, which found a special place on My Pocketful of Thoughts on Sundays. Pope John Paul II asked the community to spend the year learning the Catholic Faith. When I first heard about it I realized that I had stopped studying my faith when I had finished my classes for Confirmation. I had been reluctant to go to that meeting but when the day was done I was renewed with a sense of spirit for my religion. I had mentioned different things I’d learned working with the church’s youth group but I realized that I could be learning something every Sunday in Mass BUT it was going in one ear and out the other because I wasn’t really listening. How often do we go through the motions at church? We zone out and next thing we know we’re being told to go in peace because the Mass has ended?

I have to admit that was me almost every single Sunday until I heard Father Jeremiah speak. While I laughed a lot during his talk (he really was hilarious) I also heard what he was saying. His stories stuck with me and I couldn’t wait to share them here with you. I know I still own you a few stories from last winter but I’m still in search for my notes from that day.

Speaking of notes, every Sunday I pull out a small notebook and I take notes on the homily. It’s a great way for me to remember what was discussed so I can get it to you. However, its also a great way to reflect on the words later. I remember my friend Annette would tell about her taking notes at church and I thought it was a bit odd but now that I do it myself I’m sure I’m the one who gets the side eye at church when I pull out pen and paper. It’s like I’m back in school and I’m waiting for the teacher to give the answer to a question that will be on our test.

Life can be one big test. What if we found the answers in the Sunday Mass? Is that cheating? No. We all have the opportunity to go. We can all take notes. When the question comes up we can flip through and reread our notes to find the answer. We can also turn to our text book to look for answers as well. The Bible is a great way to seek what we wish to find.

The great thing I remember about class though, was that we all heard different things. All of them being important but all different. Study groups were a way to get every student together to go over what they heard during lecture. We’d find that we missed something while we were feverishly writing down the point before that we wanted to remember for later. It is a great thing to compare notes.

Today, I leave you with today’s homily. Tell me what you hear as you read it. Let the words sink in and share what it says to you. We all hear different things. We’re all going through different phases of our lives, different problems, different solutions, different maybe everything. The one thing that binds us all is our faith and love.

Luke 18 Vs 1-8

Will you continue to learn with me?

Until then,


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Hi Arelis – good on you for taking notes in church. I’m a great believer in writing things down. It’s amazing how easy it is for things to slip right out of our minds if we don’t make a note of them – which can be very annoying.

I guess what I hear from that story is just the simple message that it pays to be persistent – don’t give up!

Hey Sue! It actually helps me focus. Before I started taking notes, things didn’t really stick with me. I think there is something to be said about writing what we hear down. It helps cement the thought.

Yes the widow was persistent was she not. I think the judge saw that in her, that if he didn’t grant her wish she’d be there forever. Don’t give up indeed!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Hi Arelis,

I agree, there’s nothing wrong with taking notes in church because we all don’t have the best minds for remembering things. I know plenty of people who take notes during church so to me this isn’t unusual at all. Just glad you really enjoyed the lesson.

I have to agree with Sue, to me the lesson was about persistence and never giving up on what you truly want.

Have a blessed day!


Hi Adrienne! I think that’s great that others take notes, I’m quick to forget things. I always keep a notepad on me for that reason. I also agree with Sue … Never give up, especially if its what you believe in!

Hope you had a great week! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

I’m not Catholic, but I can appreciate your devotion to learning more about your faith. Paying attention to our spiritual life can be a huge source of strength and a way to screen out some of the noise of our daily lives. Living an intentional life is important to me as well. I don’t talk about my religion online, but I find prayer to be a wonderful way to calm my fears and center my thoughts. Thanks for this post!

Thanks Maggie! Writing about what I learn helps keep me devoted as there is so much I don’t know about my faith. I agree with you, prayer helps calm me to or else I’d be screaming into pillows all day. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on prayer with us! It really is important to live an intentional life!

Hi Arelis,

Nice to be over at your blog too 🙂

Well, I’m not from the same religion so don’t really know about taking notes in the church, though I find nothing wrong in that. However, whether you are from any religion, it’s the devotion and faith that actually matters at the end of the day, isn’t it? And I do have both of those 🙂

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

Absolutely Harleena! Devotion and faith for your religion, regardless of what it is, is important! #truth
I don’t find anything wrong with it at all either. I think people are just curious as to what I’m writing down or maybe they think I’m not paying attention. Who knows. I’m not worried about it though! Have a great weekend to! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!

Wow Arelis, has it been a year already? I am also taking a deeper study into my religion. It is very helpful to write, rewrite, and meditate on the things that we learn. Keep your steady walk and watch how the things in your life align with what you are reading.

Thanks Pam! I can’t believe its been a year either! I’ve witnessed so many things this year its amazing. I am definitely going to continue studying my faith as there are still so many things I know nothing about. I know it will definitely be a forever journey. Its great that you are doing the same 🙂 I need to do more meditating on reading. I just have to make the time to do it..

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us!

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