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What is Magnanimity? This is what I had to ask myself two weeks ago when I was told I was doing a talk on it for the girls of our Youth Group at church. I could barely say the word never mind give a ten minute talk on it. I read the story of a Polish Tailor and it dawned on me that it was something I knew about but never knew the name. So how did I explain magnanimous to an impressionable group of young girls?

I started off with my favorite quote by Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love. It was what I needed to hear years ago and the words left a powerful mark on my soul. I asked the girls to close their eyes so that they would listen with their hearts. I asked them to keep their eyes closed as I asked them if they had done something kind for someone else. Did you hold the door open for the person coming through the door after you? Did you ask a friend how they were doing? Did you speak to the classmate that doesn’t have many friends? Did you obey your mom? Did you get along with your siblings today? Every single girl raised their hand.

Shortly after World War II, Poland was told not to practice Catholicism. Priests were put into camps leaving churches without people to run them. Jan Tyranowski, the Polish Tailor, started an underground Living Rosary Group with a handful of young men. From that group others broke off and began their own. Ten of the young men went on to become priests. One of the ten priests later became John Paul II. Imagine if Jan never started the Living Rosary Group. What if he listened to those in charge and did not practice his Catholic faith. We might not have had a John Paul II.

Are you living up to the role that God has laid out for you? We are all made in his image! We’re all made to do amazing things in this life. Imagine if you never got out of your comfort zone to listen to what God has in store for you? You could be someone remembered. You could be the influence on someone else that changes the world. Never downplay your gifts for it does nothing for you and you deprive the rest of us from your light!

Are you living a magnanimous life?

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That is one of my favorite’s quotes. I love it and I really needed to see it again today. “Who are you not to be” so powerful. I dream big but sometimes when it comes to living big, I scale back – thinking who am I to live this why. By why shouldn’t I? It always lifts me up reading Marianne’s beautiful words. I also love Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou too.

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