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Minted for Holiday Cards and Wedding Invites

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How Easy is it to use Did you score any deals for the holiday season this week? Since I’m budgeting for the wedding now, I’ve decided to take it easy on buying gifts for myself others. This weekend hasn’t been easy by a long shot.  Luckily I have wedding planning to distract me. I was online looking for deals on wedding invitations. On Pinterest I found this creative looking invite that took me to Minted is a site where you can get Wedding invitations, Save the dates, Baby announcements, holiday cards and paper goods.

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I loved how each category was divided into subcategories. It becomes a different ballgame when you go from pinning invites you like to actually picking out the invite. had selections to narrow down your search. Would we like the printing type to be flat or letterpressed? Will the format of the invitation be flat or Minibook™ Cards? What style would reflect our wedding? Colors, card shape, season, price, and turn around …the options seem to go on for days! Since Daniel and I know our theme but not our colors yet, I decided I could pick a few that I liked and save it to my account to revisit later. had a great selection of subcategories

I loved the idea of this Happily Ever After type invitation by cadence paige design. It would allow me to customize the color that is used. Its easy to read and I can order matching RSVP and Thank You cards. I also liked the feature of being told that having a square shaped invitation would cost me more in postage. I had begun purchasing books of forever stamps earlier this year because rumor was the price of the stamp was going to go up soon. I went to purchase a few more books earlier this month and the woman asked me if I knew if the invitation was standard postage or if I would need postage for an irregular shaped envelope. Of course I had no clue! I knew I didn’t want an ugly stamp to accompany the pretty ones available for weddings so I decided to hold off. Should postage influence your invitation options?

Screenshot of the Ever After Wedding Invitation on

Since I clearly have more research to do about wedding invitations in general I thought it would be a great idea to look at the holiday cards. Daniel and I took some great shots immediately following our engagement. What better way to give our family and friends a taste of what’s to come than with a nice holiday card? The website had simple cards and cards with personality to choose from. I fell in love with the dotted joy foil-pressed holiday cards by stacey meacham. It was super simple to customize. I just clicked personalize, uploaded my photo, modified the text and adjusted their placement by dragging it to the desired location. It took maybe a whole five minutes from start to finish to make after deciding on the design. If I could only decide on a wedding invitation that easily. Sigh.

the dotted joy foil-pressed holiday cards by stacey meacham on

If you’re looking to save money on your holiday cards this season check out the website, follow them on Facebook or Twitter and subscribe to get emails to your inbox to find the latest discount codes.

Do you send out simple or photo holiday cards to your friends and family?

Until then,

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I love your card at the end!!!! Exciting!!! There is so much that goes into planning a wedding so that's really cool that is easy to use and helps simplify the process without sacrificing quality!! I think we are going to do photo cards this year. Great idea!

That is a million dollar smile! I'll be sending out college graduation announcements next summer so I know whose site I'll be checking out..

I really like how you signed he card. You celebrate the current holiday season and share your good news at the same time! I also like the variety and selection on this website. My next big event is a trunk party for my teenie bopper this summer. She and I will check out this site together. I am glad you shared this resource!

OMG! I love, Love, LOVE your holiday card! Your smiles made me smile. I hadn't heard of before. They seem to have some really creative options. I feel like planning a celebration just so I can order some cute stuff!

I heard of them years ago but never really had a reason to order things. Over the years though their product line has grown quite a bit! I love that a lot of the designs on the site are made by people. If I didn't have a wedding coming up, I'm sure I'd make something up to order something too Sheri Luckey! The options are endless!

ooooh, what's a trunk show? Sounds like so much fun! Yes I thought the card was perfect to let family and friends know that we wish them a happy holiday and have fun with the signature. I hope you end up finding something that you like 🙂

Yes, Daniel Dias had just popped the question so we both had ear to ear grins 🙂 Yay a college graduation sounds like it'll be a great summer for you and your family. Minted has so many options I'm sure you'll find a handful that you'll fall in love with!

Thanks Mandi Buckner! There's so much detail to plan for a wedding, it's hurting my head! This week I saw on Minted that they have a FREE Wedding Sample Kit … so you know I'll be ordering that! has tons of options for holiday photo cards.

Awesome! Looks like they have a great selection to choose from. I’ve liked the FB page as well. And you both look absolutely radiant!

Thanks Val! You name it they probably have it on their site, that’s how extensive it is. You could even design your own if you see that something is lacking and compete with others to have your design on the site. I would vote for you 🙂

Oh I REALLY need to try this!..I love to send out cards for ALL TYPES of occaisions!!…Thank you for sharing this INFO!!!!

Hi Arelis,

This surely IS wonderful 🙂

Honestly speaking, I just use the normal cards we find online and add a little text to send my seasonal greetings to everyone. Never heard of minted holiday cards, which I shall surely check out. I think personalizing a card can be so interesting, and it does add a personal touch to it too.

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

I normally pick up a few boxes on clearance after the holiday is finished. This is the first year that I actually want to send a photo card to my friends and family. Let me know if you end up trying out the site. They have so much more than just holiday cards!

Hey Arelis, I’ve never heard of I’ve used Shutterfly to create our holiday cards in the past. I’ve also created my own from scratch. Haven’t decided what to do for this year, but with the holidays fast approaching, guess I better do so soon

Awesome photo of you and Daniel! You two are a totally gorgeous couple!

I’ve never been to their site before. What a lovely selection of cards and invitations. And you are lucky to be able to get fancy stamps too. We don’t have that luxury in Canada.

Really no fancy stamps in Canada? There are tradeoffs though 🙂

Yes their site has a ton of selections and not just for cards or invitations. I like that you can submit your own designs if you do that sort of thing!

Thanks for stopping by Sicorra!

What a great site! I will definitely have to check it out. I love the pic of you and Daniel, such a great picture and card. I haven’t even started on my holiday cards yet. Oops. Guess I’d better get a move on! Have a great weekend, Arelis!

Aw you guys make a lovely couple Arelis! You two look very happy!

I only use your normal holiday cards but I’m going to have to check it out…my oldest daughter is planning in getting married in a couple years too :).

Thanks for telling us about this site. Have a great weekend girlfriend!

Thanks Cori! Yeah check out the site, there are tons of choices that are customizable. How exciting …something to look forward to; the site has tons of options for wedding invitations too!

Happy Thursday!

What a nice selection, I haven’t started yet for this year. I tend to go with simple, having done a few photo ones over the years when the kids were little and oh so cute 🙂 I really love your pinboards too Val. Have a great weekend.

Daniel used Shutterfly quite a bit when he did his Christmas cards for clients. I’ve never used them though. I’ve had my eye on for years now because of their customizable wedding invitations. I’m just psyched that I can actually get them now.

Thanks for the kind words about our photo. After he proposed, we used the equipment he rented to snap some engagement shots!

Thanks so much for stopping by Carol!

Great picture, Arelis – you both look lovely, and very happy. Afraid I just send out old-fashioned cards the old-fashioned way. We tend to buy charity cards so some of the money goes to a good cause.

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